How To Deal With DOMS (Or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

    Hands up. Who’s pushed hard on a workout, doing a few extra reps, extra exercises thinking ‘yeah I still feel great’ only to wake up the next morning feeling like you’ve been hit with a ton of bricks…? Basically these are the things that I know I should be doing but don’t.

    How To Deal With Doms

    DOMS, oh doms. The bane of any regular gym-goers life. Exercising feels great until you wake the next morning and can’t move… So what is it exactly? Well it’s a little more extreme than just regular muscle soreness, and trust me when I say you’ll know the difference. You’ll know. DOMS appears like a day or so after a workout session. You think you’re fine and then all of a sudden it just hits.

    From reading articles and studies, the most common description is ‘inflammation caused by microscopic tears in the connective tissue elements’. Basically, structural tears to your muscle fibres. Or something. (I don’t have a science degree, sorry.) It seems to be the inflammatory response that causes the pain sensitivity. Anyway, those tears will heal and repair, and I’m told that this is how muscles increase in size. So I mean, it’s all good right?

    Why You Should Cool Down Properly and Stretch

    Some reports say that stretching doesn’t really help with DOMs, others say it does. Now you should never do any static stretching before a workout – your muscles aren’t prepared for that – but warming up with dynamic stretches is good. And I always find that when I do a few yoga poses after a workout I don’t feel as tight and I don’t feel as achy or tense. Something that I am absolutely horrendous at doing however is cooling down after cardio or stretching after a hard session.

    There’s also foam rolling. Using your body weight, you roll your major muscle groups slowly over the foam roller, applying pressure to tight areas. It helps to smooth out knots and increase blood flow, and is actually pretty painful. Like getting a sports massage, except not as good and you’re the one torturing yourself. It helps though, it really does.

    Getting the Right Nutrition

    You need to feed your body to help those muscles recover, and that means getting plenty of good nutrition in there. To keep my protein up after a workout I generally try to have a shake (protein, banana, almond milk, cacao powder) as soon as I get in from the gym and whilst waiting for proper food to cook. It can be difficult to get the eating bit right, but the main point is to make sure you’re eating enough. Training hard and eating too little is never good. You won’t have the energy afterwards, you’ll be tired and you’ll probably get hangry. I feel like I’m permanently hangry right now to be honest. Oh, and drinking more water always helps.

    How To Deal With Doms Grid

    Braving the Cold/hot water

    One thing I do like to do when getting in from the gym is to have a quick blast under a freezing cold shower. I mean usually I’ll just stick my legs under the cold because they’re the muscles that will make me suffer the most. I’m not that brave. I like to tell myself that it’s the same as having an ice bath (it will never be the same) and that I’m doing my legs some good (it does actually do them good). A lot of websites do recommend to have hot/cold showers, switching the temperature every few minutes. It helps to get the blood flowing. Last time mine was really bad (like lasted 3 days bad) I took a bath with Epsom salts. They’re supposed to help with muscle soreness. Did it cure it? No, but it was relaxing and I did feel better afterwards.

    Keep Your Muscles Moving

    Its all too easy to go the gym and then just come home and slob about. Too easy. And I wouldn’t expect anything less if you had no other plans. BUT, you do need to keep moving. Get up at least every hour to stretch your legs and get the blood flowing. My leg day is getting generally Monday or Tuesday so sitting at my desk all day on Wednesday at work is awful. My legs just seize up. I make sure I get up every hour to have a quick walk.

    Low impact exercise like walking or swimming is also good to do when you’re feeling really sore. Once you get moving, it doesn’t hurt so much. It’s the keeping still that gives you more pain.


    Do you do anything differently?


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    Currently Loving

    Currently Loving #5

    It has been a while, right? The last time I did one of these was Currently Loving #4 back in August, and I can confirm I am still loving all those things… Especially the Graze Lemon Drizzle flapjacks and Dance Moms… I actually feel like I could have a slight addiction to those flapjacks.

    Currently Loving #5 |

    Being able to Drive and Listen To My Own Music

    I knew there was a reason for these ‘Best of’ albums! Okay so I’m still sad that the Mcfly tour is over and I’m enjoying the fact that I can just get in the car and have good music playing. Even caught my mum listening to it whilst I’m not there! How great is it being able to drive though? My full license finally came through a couple of days ago. I’ve been able to get to the gym easily, get to work easily, nip to the shops, loads! Still a little nervous and I still haven’t gotten used to the petrol car (why is diesel so much easier?!) but I’m getting there. Really I need to get out more to new places because I’m sticking to the same routes.

    Autumn and Halloween Yankee Candles

    The Salted Caramel candle has to be one of the BEST things I have ever smelled. I need to buy a bigger version before it disappears. The Halloween Yankle Candles are also amazing. My favourite smells tend to be the spicy, cinnamon and sweet ones so these are all right up my street.

    Wispa Gold Hot Chocolate & Cosy Jumpers

    I feel like these go together. We are definitely in jumper (and hat, scarf & gloves!) weather now and if you know me, you’ll know I’m not good with the cold. To be honest I’ve been drinking hot chocolate all summer, but then I discovered this one and everything changed. Caramel and bubbles in hot chocolatey goodness. Also loving this jumper which was totally inspired by Lauren! (I may have also bought that bee shirt…) I’ve since bought another jumper at Primark and damn they are killing it this year. They’re just so cosy and warm!

    Tetley’s Super Fruits Tea – Peach & Orange

    My body gave in to a cold last week so I bought this tea when I was on a mission to buy cold remedies. Did it help my cold? I don’t know. I only properly suffered for a couple of days so it could have helped! Doesn’t matter though because the taste is amazing! I’ve never liked peaches, but I do love the peach in this mixture. Plus it makes the whole room smell great – as a couple of people at work pointed out this week!

    What are you currently loving?


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    Joining a Local Park Run

    I did my first Park Run last weekend and it was something I wish I’d done sooner. If you didn’t know, Park Runs take place all over the country every weekend in a park. Run by volunteers, Park Run offers runners a place to meet others, run a 5k and get a time. It’s a huge organisation now, and I bet if you did a quick search you’d find one very close to you!

    Joining a Local Park Run |

    Quarter to nine. I’d just arrived at Pennington Flash and I wasn’t really sure where the start was. Thankfully, there were plenty of people about. Runners easily identified by the bright colours, the unseasonably short shorts and long socks. A chilly October morning, it felt like Winter had arrived, never mind Autumn! Boy I was glad that I’d kept my jumper on.

    If I could describe the Pennington Flash Park Run in one word, it would be family.

    I followed a few other runners, making my way up a footpath that seemed like it lasted forever. In reality, it probably took less than 5 minutes. We ended up in the clearing you can see above – the ground still pink and orange from the colour run that had taken place a few weeks back. I was struck by how chatty everyone was. They all seemed to know each other. Greeting people as they walked through the crowd to find their group. A couple jogging up with trail prams, families coming together. It really felt like a group, a running group and not just people turning up to run. I wasn’t expecting that.

    I just hung to the side. Watching, trying to keep warm and thinking about my bed… Was I really ready to run? As I looked around I could see volunteers, but no one was getting their barcode out. Had I missed that part? Was I supposed to get my barcode scanned back at the buildings at the entrance of the park? I’m soft. I didn’t ask anyone, I just hoped for the best.

    Soon enough a lady called us to attention. She welcomed everyone back, and asked about first timers. I wasn’t the only one – that was comforting! As she chatted, it was clear that she knew many of the runners and they knew her. Congratulations were given to those hitting Park Run milestones (one had done 200!) and everyone clapped along. Then the whole barcode system was explained and I was safe. I had to run then get scanned at the end for my time. Simple!

    Just after 9am we all headed to the start a little further back and then that was it. Actually, one thing that surprised me was that everyone started stripping. No – not completely. Jackets were taken off and left hanging on the fence, bags were left, bikes were left. The volunteers would obviously be staying in the area and I’m guessing no actual valuables were left but yeah, just goes to show the kind of event Park Run is!

    Joining a Local Park Run |

    And then we were off! I was close to the front, so everyone was rushing past me to begin with. Fine with me! I knew I was running faster than I usually would, but I figured if I could keep this speed up I could have a new 5k record! Not gonna lie, it was tough. When you’ve run on roads for the past few months, you forget just how difficult trail running can be. The hills, oh the hills. We did 3 laps of a circuit, including two sloping hills and then obviously back down before heading back to where we started for the finish line.

    It’s Supposed to be Hard. The Hard is What Makes it Great.

    People were shouting encouragement throughout, and all the fast finishers headed back up to the circuit to give support. It was great, and really added to that family atmosphere. One of the best things though, was seeing young children taking part with their parents. Park Run really is a family experience. You can do them to increase your short run times, but you can also use them as recovery runs and to get your children active. One little boy was celebrating his 30th Park Run!

    Joining a Local Park Run |

    Have you ever done a Park Run? If not – I’d definitely recommend it!


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    Getting into the Halloween Spirit with Yankee Candles

    First things first – this post is not sponsored… I just love a good candle, and well, these spooky scents are to die for. No pun intended.

    Getting into the Halloween Spirit with Yankee Candles |

    Can you believe I only discovered the Yankee candle Halloween range last month? I’ve always loved candles, but never really used them because of space and where I lived whilst at university. I just have so much clutter and never enough space to feel safe with candles and not burning the house down. I’m a bit of a wimp though to be honest…

    Well now I’ve got the space, and I’ve been burning like no other. Salted Caramel is high up on the list of amazing scents, but getting up close is Candy Corn. This is what tempted me to pick up a set of Halloween scents, and when I spotted this one with Witches Brew and Forbidden Apple on Amazon I just had to do it.

    Yankee Candy Corn

    The familiar, sweet scent of candy corn is a fond reminder of Halloween fun and treats.
    I don’t know about you, but I’ve never tried candy corn… Do we even get it in the UK?! The Candy Corn scent is as you would imagine – sweet like candy. Definitely gives a sweet buttery, caramel scent and for me it stops just short of being sickly sweet, and feels quite light in the room. The actual burning scent isn’t as strong as the cold scent, but it does enough. Candy Corn makes me think of all things autumn and cosy nights in and I don’t ever want to stop burning it. Should have bought the big jar…

    Yankee Witches Brew

    The spicy sweet aroma of exotic patchouli casts a captivating spell!
    I wasn’t overly keen on this one when I first smelled it in a shop, but this little votive has a kind of liquorice/aniseed or something like that smell and actually I kind of love it. I don’t know what patchouli smells like, but the internet tells me it is minty. I definitely get this coming through and it’s like a spicy minty scent. It’s one that makes you think of dark nights, is a little bit spooky and definitely intoxicating. A witches brew completely. One for the Halloween party to get the atmosphere just right. Probably wouldn’t want to burn this candle any other time though – it feels more like a novelty.

    Yankee Forbidden Apple

    A seductive potion that takes apple—mixed with bergamot, black oak and vanilla noir—to someplace forbidden.
    In the wrapper, you can already smell just how tangy and fruity this one is. It’s like you have a crisp green apple in your hand and you’ve just taken a big bite. I didn’t really get any vanilla coming through, but I’m not actually that great at recognising different scents to be honest. This is the only one that doesn’t really feel like Halloween for me. It’s a delicious scent – in that, it makes me want to eat apples – but it feels too bright, too airy. A little bit of spice in there would bring it right back down to Halloween. Forbidden Apple is a new one for this year, and it’s one that I can see being used all year round.

    Getting into the Halloween Spirit with Yankee Candles |

    I’m also on the creepy books in preparation for Halloween and have downloaded some horror story podcasts. It only comes round once a year, why not make the most of it? My main problem at the moment is the Halloween costume… What, oh what can I be?!


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    Travel, United Kingdom

    Travel Diary: Little Parts of Wales

    Nearly a month after going to Wales, I’ve finally got the last lot of photos to share… You may have seen some of these on my instagram but you know, always nice to reminisce about travels right? Might only be Wales, but it was so pretty. Would rather look at these than think about freezing cold Manchester! You can see my New Quay and Old Millers Cottage travel diaries using their respective links! Warning… photo heavy ;)

    Wales Photo Diary |

    Wales Photo Diary |

    Colourful Buildings and Cardigan Castle

    My favourite thing about seaside towns is that they are generally super colourful. The buildings are either pretty pastels or brights, and everything just looks so cute. Cardigan, New Quay, St Dogmaels are exactly that. I just couldn’t get enough of the colourful buildings and the little independent shops. Booksellers, sweet shops, candle makers, bakers… Little old pubs, cafes, and the one chip shop and Chinese takeaway. (Good – but not as good as home!)

    Wales Photo Diary |

    Wales Photo Diary |

    Wales Photo Diary |

    Cardigan Castle isn’t really a castle any more… Only the wall really stands, and the manor house shown below is the main exhibition area. Renovated to make it safe for visitors, the house still holds a lot of the original features inside. Really interesting to see! I don’t really have any photos from inside as they all came out awful. Just look at that vegetable garden though! The vegetables were huge. My dad has decided that we’re going to grow our own next year… We’ll see how that goes.

    Wales Photo Diary |

    Wales Photo Diary |

    Wales Photo Diary |

    Wales Photo Diary |

    Wales Photo Diary |

    Beach Running

    One of my favourite things to do whilst on holiday is run. There’s nothing better than setting out alone and just seeing where your legs take you. We’d already walked down to the beach before I did the first run so I knew it was less than a mile. Easy. Seriously though, there’s nothing better. Luckily I had a bit of sun to run in too! The beach was fairly deserted in the early morning, just myself, a couple running and some dog walkers. I’m really not a fan of sand, yet I really love beaches. There’s just something about them that draws me in. I know, I know, I look a mess. I woke up like that… Oh and this beach was called Poppit Sands. Could it sound even cuter?!

    Wales Photo Diary |

    Wales Photo Diary |

    And that pretty much sums up my visit to Wales!


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    Life in...

    Life in September ’16

    I feel like we’ve been in September for ages. To be honest, the first half of September was hectic. I had so much going on. I actually blogged about all the main ‘events’ that happened in September, so I’m not going to write too much… But here’s a recap!


    Completing the Wigan 10k

    The month started with a 10k run on the 4th September, one I’d wanted to do since it started up 4 years ago. I wasn’t really sure how I’d get on, but I managed to beat my own PB at the 10k so I was super happy. I wrote a more in depth recap of my Wigan 10k experience. Just the other day actually I signed myself up for the first ever Wigan Half Marathon next March! Scary stuff.

    Family Trip to Wales

    Then my family travelled down to Cardigan Bay in Wales from the 6th-10th. It was the first full family holiday we’d had in years and it was nice to spend time together! Helps that the area was also gorgeous… I’ve done a couple of posts about this, visiting New Quay and about the Old Millers Cottage that we stayed in. I still actually have a few more photos to share from this trip though.


    So Many Mcfly Concerts

    Then from the 12th-14th I had three Mcfly concerts to attend. Yep. Not one, but three. They played every single album spread over the three nights, so I couldn’t just pick one. Well worth all the tiredness, the achniness and the lack of good food. Oh and getting absolutely soaked in the torrential rain to see Rupert Grint…


    Family Wedding

    On the 16th I went to a family wedding and again it was nice to just be with family. Some of this family we very rarely see, so it’s always good to catch up! On the Saturday a group of us went to the cinema to watch Bridget Jones’ Baby and oh, funniest film I’ve seen all year! We were in stitches. Honestly at one point I could hardly see through all the tears because I was laughing so much. Definitely worth a watch.

    Driving Freedom!

    And finally – the biggest thing – I passed my driving test! I can now officially drive. I’ve been using my mum’s car for now and it’s just so strange driving alone. Good though. I can get to the gym in less than 10 minutes without having to run/walk/cycle, and I can get myself home from work when I finish late. When I have the car, that is. Now it’s just a case of looking for my own! I’ve got my eye on a cute Citroen C3 but I’m not committed. We’ll see.


    Other than those things, I’ve had a few good nights with friends – doing the pub quiz, watching films, drinking etc – and we’ve had a really good finish to the rugby season. This week is the rugby Super League Grand Final so I’m super excited for that. A busy yet exciting September was had. And now we’re on the countdown to Christmas! Sorry, not sorry.

    Was your September a busy one?


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    Three Concerts in Three Days | Mcfly Anthology Manchester

    When Mcfly announced the Anthology tour, and the fact that they would be doing every album spread across three nights, I didn’t think twice. The tickets were released on payday, and I was going to all three in Manchester. No question about it. I mean I’m just impressed I actually managed to get tickets, it sold out so quickly.

    Three Concerts in Three Days | Mcfly Anthology Manchester |

    Originally scheduled for June, the tour was cancelled due to Harry injuring his neck… Better for me because I could definitely book the new dates off. The previous were unconfirmed! It meant more waiting though, so when September finally arrived so did the excitement!

    Three days on the run? Are we mad? Yes. Yes we are. These three days were tiring, and I was so sore afterwards. But would I do it again? Definitely. The love I have for this band is huge, and they are incredible live. They sound great, they’re entertaining and the crowd is always pumped.

    Day 1: Happiness. Excitement.

    It still hadn’t really hit me that I was going to Mcfly later that night. You know, I’m always watching Tom’s vlogs, Harry on snapchat and whatever, but I hadn’t seen them perform (ignoring McBusted) since 2012. 4 years ago! It had just been so long. When they appeared on stage it was just like ‘oh yeah, they are actually real people!’ But yeah, it was a great first night.

    Day 2: Tired, soggy and cold. Achy. Frustrated.

    Started the day off searching high and low for some nude heels and a matching bag. Eventually found some after a couple of hours. Then I met up with friends to go to the boys’ hotel. Yep. Well we arrived and had just missed them. We waited a few hours, gave up at around half 4 even though I’m pretty sure they would have arrived back at the hotel around 5ish. The rain kept appearing though and we needed food.

    Then we discovered Rupert Grint was still in the same spot where others had met him so off we powerwalked there. Walked past Rupert, waited at the end of the filming area just watching. The sky went black and torrential rain appeared. After 5 or 10 minutes (or maybe it was 20?!) we ran into the car park round the corner, hoping it would stop and that Rupert would reappear. It didn’t, but he did. Stood a metre or so away from us and then was bundled into a van. No photo for us! Missed out on a Wetherspoons for this!

    So we headed to safety, at Sarah’s work around 6pm. WE WERE SOAKED. White tops, shorts and very wet feet. By 7pm the rain had mostly stopped, we had eaten and as taxis had an hour wait we huddled under one umbrella and walked quickly down to Manchester Academy. Got in straight away and bought a tour top for £20 because I was so wet. Managed to find friends we’d left earlier in the day. All good.

    Day 3: I’m too old for this.

    Nah, not really! (okay maybe a little) On the Wednesday I was working up until 6 so just headed straight to the academy afterwards. I’d gotten to the point where I just couldn’t wait to get home and in bed. I mean I was so tired, and I wasn’t in the mood for pushing right to the front and getting boxed in, but I was still happy to be there. And it was another fab night. I’m so glad I did manage to see all three.

    A quick edit of some of the songs I recorded from the three nights… enjoy!

    Top Moments?

    Bubble Wrap and I’ll Be Your Man – two of my faves. Oh I love those songs so much. Also hearing The Heart Never Lies on every night. Yep. Gets me every time. Meeting up with girls I haven’t seen in years (since the last Mcfly concerts probably?!) and just having such a good time. Hearing the boys in Mcfly just chatter on stage, messing up their own songs, calling each other… Oh, Tom’s cardigan on the first night when it must have been like 26 degrees or something. Let’s be honest though, Tom in a cardigan is always a highlight ha! And many, many other small moments.


    So I started writing this post soon the weekend after these concerts. They have now done the whole tour… Well, this is a delayed post ha! Still wanted to do a little recap of everything because how else would I remember how amazing yet awful doing three concerts on the run is?!


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