My 2016 Filofax Set-up

Over a week into the new year, and I have finally set-up my 2016 planner. It’s still a work in progress, because I’m trying a new system of actually keeping everything together in here, but I think it’s gonna work okay! I’ll make sure to update any major changes!

2016 Filofax Set-Up // life of kitty

The first thing I did was make new dividers of course! I hadn’t made any new ones for a good while, and I decided that this time I wouldn’t ‘name’ them. I have 6 generic dividers that can be used for any type of section. A few days ago I bought a laminator and now have laminated dividers! Oh how fancy, right? I think this is my new favourite thing to do. Easily pleased. My very first dashboard divider is a piece of card that I turned into a pocket and used a patterned acetate paper for the front.. So handy for storing little bits, as you can see below. I also made myself two smaller bookmark-style dividers to keep track of specific pages in the planner.

2016 Filofax Set-Up // life of kitty

In the pocket I have my name and details as well as the organiser registered number. The red and white striped card is a list of all my rugby teams fixtures this year – I’m so excited for rugby league to start! Also in the front I have my 2016 goals and a year at a glance calendar. Just little bits for easy access to information. The first section in my Filofaax is for notes. No photos for this, because it is currently just blank paper and pretty boring.

2016 Filofax Set-Up // life of kitty

Next up is my weekly section. I did start off using some weekly inserts that I bought from Wilkinsons, but I quickly remembered the reason why I made my own last year – no grid paper! Knowing that I didn’t want to use last years inserts, I had a quick look in my files and discovered that I had been sensible and saved the PSD files. I changed the lines and the font, added some number boxes and moved the dates around a little. Think they look 10x better! This was last year’s set up, and you can see the diary pages in there, as well as my old dividers!

2016 Filofax Set-Up // life of kitty

Then we have my fitness section. Here I’m planning on noting down food stuff, health stuff, exercise and everything related. So far I just have some monthly pages where I am tracking what exercise I have done, but soon enough I’ll be using the paper in there for some notes. I really like having a calendar like this to see what I’ve been up to… Definitely motivating when you see a few blank days! Luckily, I’ve managed to stick to the #YogaCamp challenge so far, so the calendar is looking good!

2016 Filofax Set-Up // life of kitty

The fourth section holds blog information and I’m going to use it for any job or creative information too. It’s basically going to be things that need organisation and noting down in my life, but which are too important for the simple notes section at the front. I don’t have a photo for this either because it is just note paper at the moment and has some blog ideas that I want to keep under wraps…

The fifth section is for lists. I’m a list-maker. Always have been, and probably always will. Currently I’m just using the to-do pages that I got in the Wilkinsons set that I bought, and have used washi tape to cover the tops and give them titles. Books to read, films to watch, tv series to watch… Stuff like that. I’ve also got these tv series tracker pages that you can see below. I found them on PlannerFun and just think they’re so handy! I’ve only written down the House series so far, but it’ll definitely help when binge watching a few episodes… Sometimes I forget what I’ve seen.

2016 Filofax Set-Up // life of kitty

And finally, in the sixth section I just have some plastic wallets at the moment. This section doesn’t really have a title – it is just bits and bobs. I don’t know whether I’ll think of something up to add in there, but at least it keeps the wallets separated! In these I just have a few stickers, some polaroids and my library card. Something I haven’t actually used since before I went to university. Over three years ago. Oops.

2016 Filofax Set-Up // life of kitty

There you have it – my 2016 Filofax set-up. I’m still loving my personal brown Holborn, and I want it to hold all the information I need. Last year I separated my blog section into another filofax, and I found that I just wasn’t using either very much. I’ve decided that 2016 is for note-keeping. Writing down everything I want to remember, keeping fun lists, and taking that time out to focus on what is happening in my life, what I want to be happening and what I can do to make that happen. Taking control!

Hope you enjoyed this look in to my diary, and if you want me to do a post on anything in particular about planning, let me know!

  • I love your Filofax set up! I used to really enjoy doing mine every week but I just fell out of love with it unfortunately.

    This week I definitely need to sort out my new planner though, it’s looking a bit bare. x

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

    • I’ve been a bit off with it over the past few months, but I always feel so much better when I’m using it regularly! Thanks (:

  • Laurie

    Which Filofax are you using? I really like it, but haven’t seen one like it on their site.

    • Thanks, it’s the personal holborn in brown (:

  • Where did you get your Today marker from? I have been looking for a good clear one for ages and haven’t had any luck.

    • The London Skyline one is actually from the Olympic Filos that came out for London 2012, and I’m not sure you can buy them separately!