Blog: Changes are coming to Life of Kitty.

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Lately I have been posting really irregularly on this blog, and I’ve sort of hit a wall. University has well and truly been taking over my life this past month, and I haven’t been able to really sit down and think about what I want to write about. Life of Kitty needs a bit of a revamp, and over the next few days I’m hoping to sit down and get some good ideas out – I have a few things that I want to change or explore more on my blog.

+ Design: I need a redesign! I’m not happy with how it looks, so expect a change by the end of the week. (Hopefully!)

+ Book Reviews: They’re becoming a drag to write to be honest and are probably my least popular posts on here. I will still of course write some, but they’ll be shorter and grouped together. I did actually start doing this earlier this year, but then went back to full posts.

+ Fitness/Health: This is something that I really want to start blogging about more often. I’m really looking to study more in the next few months so I feel like it would be good to write about it too. Hopefully I’ll get some cooking and recipes up too seeing as I’m starting to experiment more with food – and still not eating meat!

+ Tips/Tutorials: I don’t really know what this will entail to be honest, but it’s something I’ll be looking into! I myself love reading about blogging tips, fitness tips, food tips, craft tips, life tips – you name it! I want my blog to be helpful, so I’m really wanting to share some of the things I do find.

+ Craft: Some weeks I will bash out 3 smash pages, some weeks I won’t do any. My crafting is very irregular, but I’d like to try new things and write about it more!

Those are my initial plans for this blog. I’m hoping to get a good (easy to stick to!) schedule nailed down too, and will post about that once I’ve got it sorted.

One last thing – what do you want to see? If any of the above appeals to you, please let me know! If it doesn’t appeal to you, I’d also love to know!

  • Sounds like some interesting changes! :) Looking forward to seeing how your blog ends up looking after the spring clean xx

    • admin

      Thanks! (:

  • Joanny White

    Looking forward to fitness, health tips, recipes as well as crafting posts.

    • admin

      Ah, that’s great to hear thank you! (:

  • Personally I like all your posts but I understand how you feel. With the book reviews, I’m not that interested in them mainly because we don’t read the same books, BUT I still do give them a quick glance because you always write them well. You could try doing what I do, which is end-of-the-month mini reviews. I mean, if I wrote a full-post for every book I read… We’d be here all night.

    More fitness stuff would be great, too! Although I haven’t actually started doing yoga again, you really did inspire me with your photos, so tips on stuff like that would be lovely. But with tips/tutorials, just try and keep in within the boundaries of stuff you are REALLY interested in! I’ve seen a lot of bloggers throw those kind of posts together because they’re so popular, and they always sound a bit half-arsed.

    Having certain days on which you post might be helpful, too. If you, say, post crafts on Tuesdays, then that may just give you motivation to do more crafts, because there’s a kind of deadline. And you can always set up scheduled posts in advance if you don’t do anything that week, too.

    Obligatory apology for the way-too-long comment! ^^; I hope you find your blogging mojo again. =D

    Sterling, XLeptodactylous

    • admin

      Oh, no need to apologise! I really appreciate the input (:
      Yeah, I think doing some small reviews once a month or so is the way to go, at least for now!
      With tutorials and that it will definitely be something I’m interested in! I hate seeing posts on blogs where you can tell it was written just for the sake of it being popular.
      And with the schedule, I did try that once but just fell out of doing it. I think it will be easier to have set posts on certain days though, so I’m gonna aim to sit down at least once a week and write a few posts up for that.
      Thanks for the comment! (:

  • Love the sound of these changes, although I think its important to just do whatever you want to do, it’s always nice to have a bit of structure, but if something isn’t working, or you feel like writing about something different that week then just go with it. Thats the beauty of lifestyle blogs you can write about whatever you want!

    Emma x

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    • admin

      I’ll definitely keep that in mind! Thanks (:

  • This. sounds. FABULOUS!! I love reading different and unique things on blogs, and I’m always up to see posts about life/health/craft. xD Can’t wait to see what you come up with!! I really want to do some more crafty posts myself, since I adore origami. XD

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    • admin

      Ah thank you! (: I’ve never properly tried origami… Maybe I’ll try that ;)