Books: My TBR Shelf

In my 2015 Goals, I mentioned that I had a lot of books on my TBR shelf, and I planned to read through them all before buying any new books this year. Besides spending my book vouchers, I haven’t bought one book this year so far! It hasn’t actually been a struggle either, but I am only two weeks in… I’m sure it’ll get harder!

As of today, this is my TBR shelf:

I have 35 books to read (one is waiting for me at home!) before I can buy any new books. It’s scary, but I’m looking forward to finally getting through these books! I bought so many of them last year and they’ve just been waiting on this shelf! I know this amount of books is tiny compared to some – on youtube people get in the 100s with unread books. What’s yours like?

  • Saoirse T. E. Sterling

    They all look so shiny and new… I haven’t read any of them at all, though I believe Scott Westerfield is on my “unbought-to-read” shelf. My to-read shelf, as in, those I own, comprise of some classics, the rest of the Sherlock stories (I am terrible with those) and just a couple on my kindle. I’ve been pretty good with not buying new books (or at least, reading them straight away.)

    Good luck with these. I hope you enjoy them all :)

    • admin

      I know! Oh, I’ve finished the Sherlock stories and though some were difficult to get through I did enjoy them as a whole :3 Felt accomplished when I’d finished them all! Thanks!

  • Sarah Inks

    Wow! I need to make a visit to Waterstones soon but at the moment I’m reading A Game of Thrones series as it’s been on my TBR shelf for such a long time..(birthday present) I want to read the Geek Girl series because it sounds so fun!

    • admin

      Ooh, I loved Game of Thrones as a series! Took forever to read, but it was worth it :3