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    Happy Things in July ’17

    What a month July has been! I’ve been to London, I’ve spent a week near to the Ribble Valley and I’ve been to Croatia. More to come on those trips in the next week or so. I have so many photos to share on here, and I’m just deciding on the how.


    I can’t believe it’s August already, yet July does seem to have flown by super quickly. I guess that’s what happens when you go on three different trips and almost end up being off work more than you were in! So what did I do?

    + Taking part in the Joining Jack Wigan Bike Ride
    + Getting a new phone (the rose gold Samsung s7 if curious)
    + Having a weekend in London
    + Finally watching Cursed Child!
    + Family time in Gisburn
    + CROATIA!
    + Climbing to the top of a bell tower and seeing this amazing view of Split
    + Experiencing Ultra Festival
    + Yoga classes at my gym
    + Avocado
    + Being out with friends
    + Getting a Happy Planner – time to organise my life again
    + Wigan getting to Wembley for the Challenge Cup final!

    It’s always great looking back at the month and seeing just exactly what you did. It’s like a mini diary, with just a sentence or a word being able to remind you of something. People are always saying like, put the phone down, experience things. For me, I’d forget all the little bits if I didn’t take photos, if I didn’t write things down. One photo can just bring back a whole world of memories, and I love that. So yeah, basically I’m telling myself to keep hold of those photos, keep documenting everything that I’m doing because one day they’ll become very distant memories. Ones you might not be able to remember completely. Documenting things is great.

    July has been eventful for me… How was yours?


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    Happy Things in June ’17

    Oh June. This month went by slowly! Oh so slowly. Probably because I had nothing really exciting planned, yet plenty planned for July… This month was basically like those filler chapters/episodes that you get.


    Writing everything down, I’ve actually crammed a fair bit into this month, it’s just that nothing has been really big or massively stood out. It’s all gone so slowly up until this last week, and then I’m realising that I’ve got a bike ride on Sunday, a few days in work and then I’m off and away from home for 12 days! Exciting things to come eh.

    So this month I have loved:

    + Doing the Race for Life after missing it the past couple of years.
    + Discovering a Japanese restaurant in my town, and trying new tasty foods. (And enjoying tofu!)
    + Watching Wonder Woman. Loved it way more than I was expecting!
    + Joining a new gym.
    + Feeling all motivated to work out and starting a new plan.
    + Completing 13/15 days at the gym in the past two weeks.
    + Rewatching GOT season 6.
    + Being able to start holiday shopping.
    + Our ‘heatwave’ and being able to enjoy sunshine.
    + The Voice Kids – they’re all so amazing!
    + Doing a Harry Potter Pub Quiz
    + Upgrading my mobile! (only due to arrive Tuesday though)
    + And Charlie, the cutie.


    So yep, as I touched on above, July is going to be a busy month. Expect a lot of travel content from me, and hopefully plenty more fitness too! I’ll be travelling to London to finally watch the Cursed Child play, then to Ribblesdale for a relaxing family cottage holiday and then to Split for 5 days to experience Ultra and the beautiful Croatian country!

    Besides the neverending rain we’ve had in this last week, June hasn’t been too bad to us!


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    Happy Things In May ’17

    If I’m honest, May has been completely wiped. I can’t remember what happened in the first half of the month because these past couple of weeks have been clouded in anxiety, upset and truly horrifying news. So yes, this Happy Things is a little different to usual.


    On the one hand, it doesn’t feel right to be even trying to think about happy things that have happened in the past month. Not when the last week was plagued by such atrocity thanks to the bombing in Manchester. Yep, another bombing. And this time one that targeted children and parents.

    It goes without saying though, Manchester is a community. A tough community. Despite all the sadness and the aftermath of this crime, the city pulled together and showed great strength. People ran into the arena to save others, many residents of Manchester offered out help – rooms, beds, lifts home, food and more – and the police force and NHS staff worked their damned butts off making sure everyone was attended to and not alone.

    So amidst all this chaos, here are some of the things that have happened in this past week that have been a little beacon in the otherwise dark world. I have probably missed some of the good things that people have done, so feel free to share more in the comments if you have any!

    + Taxi drivers offering free lifts home
    + The woman who took in lost children so they weren’t alone
    + Woman singing don’t look back in anger in the crowd
    + Tattooists doing the worker bee tattoos and giving the money to charity
    + Money raised for all families from various places
    + These stories from the staff that worked through the night
    + The One Love Manchester concert that will be taking place this coming weekend

    I can’t actually remember much about the beginning of the month, though nothing much really happened of note. The only things since this is that I’ve watched Pirates of the Caribbean (and actually really enjoyed it!) and I did the Great Manchester Run 10k. There will be a blog post up about that on Saturday. I wasn’t sure how it would feel going into the city for such a big event so soon, but the atmosphere was incredible and I definitely need to write about how the day was. Proud to be from Manchester.


    It’s been a weird month, and not one that we’ll forget in a good while.


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    Happy Things In April ’17

    I actually started writing this post mid-April (for once!), and yet here we are on the 4th May and I’d completely forgotten about it. May came around quite quickly didn’t it?! Probably all those pesky bank holidays…


    I’ve actually had quite a good month it seems, with plenty happening. No wonder I’m feeling worn out!

    + Days out: Southport, Rivington Pike
    + House party with friends
    + The Wigan Good Friday & Easter Monday wins
    + Easter chocolate
    + Seeing family
    + Curry/drinks with friends
    + Pretty flowers
    + Free bowling trip (even though I only came 6th & 2nd… out of 7)
    + Guardians Double Bill
    + Hitting a new PB at the Whitley 10k
    + Getting a new wardrobe

    The best things on that list have to be the new 10km PB, which was a last minute race decision and one I’m glad I did, the Guardians Double Bill and the day trips to Southport and Rivington Pike. The latter especially – I love a good walk! We’ve got a few more places on the list to visit now so I’ll hopefully try to write a little more about these trips… (You can see photos on my instagram @katehlouise!)

    Oh and I also entered the London Virgin Marathon 2018 ballot. So there’s that. I’ll only know in October if I’ve been successful, and I’m not holding my hopes up too high. With only 18,000 ballot places or whatever and hundreds of thousands entering, it’s a very slim chance! I figured why the hell not… It takes some people years of entering before they’re lucky. We’ll see anyway. I’m sure you’ll hear about it if I’m successful.

    Blogging has taken a bit of a back seat recently, and it’s because I’m just been so busy with life that I haven’t been able to sit down and properly focus on content. I have 19 18 drafts either half written or in bullet points, but hardly any photos and the ideas are struggling to get fully from head to paper (or screen). I’m still here though, lurking. I have a few exciting things to write about in the next couple of weeks anyway so plenty to do! Time to get back on it.

    Let’s hope May is just as eventful, eh?


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    Happy Things in March ’17

    Another month down. March DRAGGED. I don’t know why, but it just really did.

    Bunch of Spring Flowers

    Maybe it’s the 5 weeks since payday… Maybe. It really has felt like a long 31 days though! I’ve had a few ‘events’ this month, but have also spent a lot of the time lying in bed watching random youtube videos or catching up on The Originals on Netflix.

    + Those two (or three?) glorious days of sunshine that we had.
    + I ran my first ever half marathon and didn’t die.
    + Had a relaxing spa day with my mum.
    + Saw Beauty and the Beast. Twice.
    + Bittersweet, but Vampire Diaries ended and whilst I’m still kind of sad, it was nice to see everything come together.
    + Ate at a few new restaurants with Luke and had amazing Tapas. (That’s the goal – try new independent places!)
    + The clocks went forward so we finally have lighter evenings back!
    + I finally read my second book of the year… Caraval.
    + We came 3rd out of over 30 in the pub quiz.
    + Little Big Shots on TV has to be one of the cutest/funniest/greatest shows of the year so far.
    + I got to try out my brother’s Nintendo Switch and play a bit of Zelda.

    I think that just about sums up March. I feel like I need to do something a little more exciting next month. Watch this space!

    How was your March?


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    Happy Things in February ’17

    Oh February flew by didn’t it?! I know it has 2-3 less days than all the other months, but I don’t understand how it always goes by so quickly! Maybe because my birthday is at the beginning so there’s nothing else to look forward to for it to drag…

    Happy Things in February '17

    I should try to write these as the month goes by, because honestly February feels like a blur. I don’t remember half the things I’ve done this month, though I know it hasn’t been a lot admittedly. It has been filled with work, eating and chilling with films! There are always happy points though, and these are what I’ve got…

    + February is my birthday month.
    + And I ran the Winter Warmer 10k on my 24th birthday, hitting a new PB!
    + Rugby League season starting!
    + Oh and Wigan winning the World Club Series match – a trophy to start the year off!
    + Pancake day.
    + Watching Patriot’s Day and then Logan with friends. (Both were fab!)
    + Completing a long run of just under two hours, and at 16.5km.
    + Hitting two years of being vegetarian (post to come soon!)
    + Adding the Niffler, Newt and Bowtruckle to my Pop collection.
    + Finding new running podcasts to listen to.
    + Feeling comfortable driving on the motorway.

    Now March is bringing lots of exciting things. The main one being my Half-Marathon on the 19th, but I’ve also got a work night out for two birthdays, a spa day and Beauty and the Beast to look forward to! And Spring is officially here from the 20th according to google so you know, that’s always a win. The evenings are already getting lighter and I cannot wait for longer (and hopefully warmer) days. Might actually find taking photos a lot easier again!

    How was your February?


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    Happy Things in January ’17

    I am aware that it is the 5th of February now (Happy birthday to me!), BUT I realised that I hadn’t done a ‘Life in…’ post and honestly I feel like something is missing. I’ve decided to switch it up a little, so here we have a new series for each month – happy things. I just want to list all the good things that happened each month to look back at. Simple.

    Happy Things in January '17 |

    January has felt like the longest month ever, but it’s actually been a pretty good start to the year I’d say. There are things that I’ve listed here that I’d almost forgotten about – they just feel like so long ago!

    + Hitting a park run personal best of 29:05.
    + The quiz team got back together for the first time since December!
    + I managed to hit a 13.5km run for the first time.
    + Plenty of days/nights out with friends!
    + Two staff showings (Split, T2) and a viewing of La La Land. (Loved them all!)
    + Watching the Sherlock finale in cinema with friends.
    + Oh and watching Fantastic Beasts again.
    + We had a few blue sky days.
    + Managed to run 74.95km for the month.

    Happy Things in January '17 |

    For me, January really feels like the month of running for me. I’ve well and truly fallen back in love with everything about it, and I’m so proud of myself for actually keeping it up as consistently as I have! Minimum two runs a week for me is good! Now I just need to get it up to 3-4 runs per week and then I’m laughing.

    It just feels good to actually be working towards something and getting it done. There’s also other things going on in my personal life so that’s made the month a good ‘un too! Here’s to a fab February eh?

    Is your 2017 off to a good start?


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