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    25 Things To Do Before Turning 25

    So I’ve come to the realisation that I’m 25 next year. Just 9 months away! I’ve decided that instead of looking at long-term goals now, I want to start setting short-term goals. Things I want to do to make this next year the best it can be!


    Some people like writing lists. They like writing down things that they want to do, things to work at and dream about. I am one of those people, and I’m sure you’ve noticed this if you’ve been following me for a while.

    The thing is, I feel like sometimes life just moves too quickly and you forget about all the things you want to do. Instead you just go with the flow, taking each day as it comes and getting stuck in the same old rut. I don’t want that to happen. I don’t want to be sat here a year later wondering what the hell I did with my year. Whilst I’m still young I want to take advantage of this time I have. Tick some things off my list.

    I’ve actually been thinking about doing a ‘5 year plan’ of sorts. Take a look at what I really want to be doing with my life and where I want to go. Basically I have big plans for the latter end of 2018, and for now I’m just saving up as much as I can to put that in effect. Whilst I’m doing that I’ve got some smaller, more achievable goals to make these last few months of being under the 25 mark more exciting!


    25 Things To Do Before Turning 25

    #1 Join a running club
    #2 Attempt a vlog of some sorts
    #3 Write a short story
    #4 Hike in the Lake District
    #5 Try a new sport
    #6 Go kayaking
    #7 Go back to Carlisle for a day or two
    #8 Get another tattoo
    #9 Volunteer at a fitness event
    #10 Reread the Harry Potter series
    #11 Run over 15 miles in one go
    #12 Visit three different countries
    #13 Go to a blog event
    #14 Spend a couple of days in Edinburgh
    #15 Beat my 02:18:09 half marathon PB
    #16 Sort through hard drives/laptop
    #17 Watch two things in theatre
    #18 Make progress in learning Spanish
    #19 Do something different to my hair
    #20 Get an article/column published in print
    #21 Improve my strength/fitness
    #22 Turn a pallet into a strawberry planter
    #23 Get back into climbing (bouldering)
    #24 Watch a film at an outdoor cinema
    #25 Save enough to start planning travel

    Bit of a mixture in there. I know some seem like they’re not quantifiable (like improve strength/fitness and make progress with my Spanish) but I have an idea in mind for where I’d like to be. So there’s that. Some things I’ve actually already got planned so I’ve added to the goal. For example, I’m watching Cursed Child in July, but I really want to watch another theatre show so that’s why it’s two. Same with the countries – I’m already visiting one for definite and a second is about 80% confirmed so I figured I’d make it three for the challenge.

    This time I will keep up with this list and keep you guys updated… It’s gonna get printed and placed on my wall!

    I just can’t help making lists and goals. Do you have a bucket list?


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    Life Lately

    Oh it’s been a funny year so far! It feels like we’ve been in 2017 forever, yet I also feel like I haven’t had time to do anything. I’m just being dramatic because y’know, I do waste countless hours in bed morning/night scrolling through Instagram…

    Life Lately |


    Oh life. I feel like all I’ve been doing is working, eating and sleeping with the weekly outing with friends or my boyfriend to fill in my day(s) off. In the grand scheme of things, I am actually happy with where I am. I would of course like just one full time job instead of two part time (because splitting myself between two can be exhausting!) but I love the people I work with and I do (for the most part) like my jobs. Not including the awful woman who shouted at me over the weekend because she booked a ticket for the Saturday and tried watching the film on Sunday… fun times.

    I’m 24 now. I thought I’d be close to moving out to be honest and I’m not, but I’ve accepted that. My savings have finally been started and I feel like I’m at least heading in the right direction… Someone, please help me to adult!


    This is one thing that has pretty much stayed on track so far this year! I mean I’m still mostly only hitting two runs a week, but I’ve done a 13.5km and 15km run now so I know my legs have it in them. 30 something days until the half marathon, and whilst I feel like I’m way behind on training, people have told me I’m doing well so you know, that helps! I also managed to hit a PB in my 10km time in the Blackburn Winter Warmer so that’s all good!


    Well, blogging has taken a bit of a back seat hasn’t it?! I’m working odd shifts and on my days off, as I mentioned above, I’ve been out with either friends or my boyfriend so photo taking, writing and the like hasn’t been as easy as I’d like. Same with blog reading. I’ve read a few when I’ve spotted them on Twitter but I’ve been so awful at keeping up and I apologise for that!

    My aim over this weekend (in between shifts – because a 1-9 and 9:30-3:15 make things difficult) is to try to at least write a couple of posts and read a few posts. I’m not sure I’ll manage to get any photos because of the lighting but we’ll see. I have loads of ideas, it’s just getting them written down which is the problem! Fear not though, I am still here. Posts will continue to be sporadic but I am hoping to get two a week up. Fingers crossed!

    2017, you are a weird year.


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    Three Concerts in Three Days | Mcfly Anthology Manchester

    When Mcfly announced the Anthology tour, and the fact that they would be doing every album spread across three nights, I didn’t think twice. The tickets were released on payday, and I was going to all three in Manchester. No question about it. I mean I’m just impressed I actually managed to get tickets, it sold out so quickly.

    Three Concerts in Three Days | Mcfly Anthology Manchester |

    Originally scheduled for June, the tour was cancelled due to Harry injuring his neck… Better for me because I could definitely book the new dates off. The previous were unconfirmed! It meant more waiting though, so when September finally arrived so did the excitement!

    Three days on the run? Are we mad? Yes. Yes we are. These three days were tiring, and I was so sore afterwards. But would I do it again? Definitely. The love I have for this band is huge, and they are incredible live. They sound great, they’re entertaining and the crowd is always pumped.

    Day 1: Happiness. Excitement.

    It still hadn’t really hit me that I was going to Mcfly later that night. You know, I’m always watching Tom’s vlogs, Harry on snapchat and whatever, but I hadn’t seen them perform (ignoring McBusted) since 2012. 4 years ago! It had just been so long. When they appeared on stage it was just like ‘oh yeah, they are actually real people!’ But yeah, it was a great first night.

    Day 2: Tired, soggy and cold. Achy. Frustrated.

    Started the day off searching high and low for some nude heels and a matching bag. Eventually found some after a couple of hours. Then I met up with friends to go to the boys’ hotel. Yep. Well we arrived and had just missed them. We waited a few hours, gave up at around half 4 even though I’m pretty sure they would have arrived back at the hotel around 5ish. The rain kept appearing though and we needed food.

    Then we discovered Rupert Grint was still in the same spot where others had met him so off we powerwalked there. Walked past Rupert, waited at the end of the filming area just watching. The sky went black and torrential rain appeared. After 5 or 10 minutes (or maybe it was 20?!) we ran into the car park round the corner, hoping it would stop and that Rupert would reappear. It didn’t, but he did. Stood a metre or so away from us and then was bundled into a van. No photo for us! Missed out on a Wetherspoons for this!

    So we headed to safety, at Sarah’s work around 6pm. WE WERE SOAKED. White tops, shorts and very wet feet. By 7pm the rain had mostly stopped, we had eaten and as taxis had an hour wait we huddled under one umbrella and walked quickly down to Manchester Academy. Got in straight away and bought a tour top for £20 because I was so wet. Managed to find friends we’d left earlier in the day. All good.

    Day 3: I’m too old for this.

    Nah, not really! (okay maybe a little) On the Wednesday I was working up until 6 so just headed straight to the academy afterwards. I’d gotten to the point where I just couldn’t wait to get home and in bed. I mean I was so tired, and I wasn’t in the mood for pushing right to the front and getting boxed in, but I was still happy to be there. And it was another fab night. I’m so glad I did manage to see all three.

    A quick edit of some of the songs I recorded from the three nights… enjoy!

    Top Moments?

    Bubble Wrap and I’ll Be Your Man – two of my faves. Oh I love those songs so much. Also hearing The Heart Never Lies on every night. Yep. Gets me every time. Meeting up with girls I haven’t seen in years (since the last Mcfly concerts probably?!) and just having such a good time. Hearing the boys in Mcfly just chatter on stage, messing up their own songs, calling each other… Oh, Tom’s cardigan on the first night when it must have been like 26 degrees or something. Let’s be honest though, Tom in a cardigan is always a highlight ha! And many, many other small moments.


    So I started writing this post soon the weekend after these concerts. They have now done the whole tour… Well, this is a delayed post ha! Still wanted to do a little recap of everything because how else would I remember how amazing yet awful doing three concerts on the run is?!


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    I Passed My Driving Test!

    If you follow me on twitter you’ll have probably seen the news, but yep, I passed my driving test! This was my second test, and I figured I’d just talk about nerves, driving and how my whole experience went.

    I Passed My Driving Test |

    The First Test

    I took this on the 22nd July, and I was SO nervous. My instructor was lovely, and he really helped to calm me a little on the day, but obviously he can only do so much to reassure me. The examiner I had was very robotic. He just didn’t seem friendly, and that didn’t help. I know it’s a test and all, but they could at least try to make it feel less formal right?! First I had the directions given, had to pull over a few times and set off again, did my manoeuvre and then the 10 minutes of independent driving.

    I failed within the first 10 minutes, and I knew I’d failed straight away. He used the brakes. Yep. I think I was just too nervous, and I was surprised to hear him tell me to turn right instead of the left I usually did in that area. I tried to just go, forgetting all about priority and the car opposite us. I carried on the test though, and managed to get through the rest perfectly fine with only 2 minors. Annoying. I think the worst thing about failing your driving test is knowing that you can do it – you’ve been driving perfectly well on lessons and you know what to do. You just panicked on the day.

    Well, I tried to book again pretty quickly, and the next test available was the 18th November. Yep. That far away. I watched and watched for cancellations, and managed to get the test down to the 21st September.

    The Second Test

    I wasn’t as nervous as I was the first time, but I was still so worried. I had a woman examiner this time, and immediately she put me at ease. Super friendly, and although she was talking in a bit of a patronising way, at least she wasn’t a robot! The route was one with roads I’m really familiar with – just from my parents driving around – so I felt comfortable. The manoeuvre was parallel parking, one I’m usually fine with! I’d aced it just half an hour previously! I managed to get it done, but it wasn’t great ha. Got a minor for ‘losing control’, but I just accidentally hit the curb.

    We started this test with the independent driving, so I think I actually felt more comfortable because I knew I was in control. Like, I’d been told which sign/place to follow but it meant the turns weren’t as unexpected. Once that was over I was given directions and then had to do my manoeuvre and more directions before heading back to the test centre. I wasn’t sure whether I’d passed or not – I thought I probably had, but then I also knew I’d gotten quite a few minors because she kept writing things down! But it was all good, I passed with 9 minors. I’m still annoyed at myself because in my first test I only got 2. The dangerous fault ruined that obviously, but still! Anyway, I’m glad it’s over and done with now.

    Driving alone

    Weird! It definitely felt odd to be in the car alone for the first time, but I also liked it. I had my Mcfly CD on and I could sing along without a care in the world… Yep. Don’t be fooled though, the car is my mums… I’m still saving up for my own haha! I am so grateful that my mum has put me on her insurance so I can get around, even if she does have seat covers with dolphins on them. So uncool. (Sorry mum!) But I can deal with the dolphins for now…

    I Passed My Driving Test |

    I can drive. I have freeeeedom!


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    Thinking About: Keeping on Track

    I haven’t done one of these for a while now have I?! I haven’t really had anything of substance on mind to be honest nor have I had time to just sit down and think. Which brings me to the topic of this post – keeping on track. How do people do it?! I feel like I should add that this is just my thoughts on keeping on track and how I’m doing – don’t expect a solution haha!

    Thinking About Keeping On Track |

    In Life

    Sometimes I just feel like I have no time to do anything. In reality, that’s not true – I just waste a lot of the spare time that I do have. But with two jobs I’m occasionally doing a 6 day week, and the odd hours mess my sleeping pattern up. Sometimes I’ll be working an open shift, and then a close the day after meaning I’ve got a huge chunk of daytime to do stuff. I manage to do most things that I want to, but more often than not I’ll just have no motivation and waste the whole morning. My social life has gotten better though, so there’s that.

    In Blogging

    Why is this here? I don’t know whether you’ve noticed, but I’ve actually managed to blog really consistently this year. It’s the one thing that I have managed to hold up. See when I get busy, it’s all the added extras with blogging that I fail at. Scheduling tweets, interacting in the twitter chats, reading and commenting on other blogs. Basically all the admin side. I managed to get a month behind on blog reading, caught up and now I’m two weeks behind again. I’m sorry guys! I do actually read a lot of posts through twitter now, and then catch up with whatever I’ve missed when I get the chance. Blogging is like having another job – I need to actually schedule set times to sort out my tweets and all that side.

    In Fitness

    If you saw my ‘I Quit‘ post, then you’ll know that I really struggled keeping up a set workout routine over the past couple of months. It just wasn’t working for me. Fitness is another thing to go when I get busy. I could be wrong, but I feel like this will change when I can drive – I won’t have to work alongside bus timetables or whether I can be bothered to do the half hour walk… But yeah, this is something I am working on now. I just need to find a good routine that I know I’ll enjoy (something with lifting!) and then I’ll be golden. Any ideas?


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    Getting a Helix Piercing

    Ever wanted to do something for ageeeees and then all of a sudden it’s like yep, today is the day? Well I did just that last week…

    Helix Ear Piercing

    Yep, I’ve been wanting a helix piercing for so long now and I finally went and did it. I mentioned it in my Life in June post, but I figured I’d write a bit more about how the whole process was.

    It kind of just happened to be honest. Like I said, I’d been wanting it done for ages but I just never got round to doing it. Plus, I was being a bit of a wimp… I’ve had my lobes pierced twice (once when v. young, once when around 14) and I couldn’t tell you what they felt like. I can’t remember. I do know that I had them done with a gun though, and well, I’ve since learned that isn’t a great method. I also have my navel pierced and two tattoos, so you’d think I wouldn’t get so nervous.

    I decided on the Saturday that I was getting it done on my next day off, which happened to be the following Tuesday. I didn’t tell anyone I was doing it, and in that time worked myself up to it being really painful, then back down like it wouldn’t be so bad…

    Getting my Helix Pierced

    After doing some research, I walked into the tattoo/piercing place on Tuesday afternoon to see if they could fit me in. Like most places I imagine, that was no problem for a piercing. I had to fill in some health forms and such, then I was taken into a separate room. Given the option, I chose to get a ring. The lady doing the piercing was really nice and kept me at ease whilst she got everything out and ready. Obviously everything was packaged and sterile, and she put gloves on before cleaning my ear and marking out a dot. I had her change the placement a little higher when she told me to have a look and then that was it – I was ready!

    The actual needle bit really wasn’t too bad – it was just a bit of a sting. Her putting the actual jewellery through really stung. The whole process must have taken less than a minute to be honest and was really quick. Once the ring was in, she then spent a good few minutes cleaning my ear. That’s the bit that took the longest, but it wasn’t painful.

    Helix Piercing Healing Process

    That night my ear felt a little hot but otherwise perfectly fine. Seven days have passed and I haven’t had any throbbing or pain besides when I’ve accidentally hit it or leaned on it. I did have some bleeding for the first 3-4 days, but that’s expected when you poke a hole through your body… I’d clean the dried blood off and it’d be there again by the end of the day. This had stopped by Friday though, and since then I’ve only had random specks of blood there a couple of times.

    Sleeping has also been easy. I’ve had to switch the side that I’m sleeping on but honestly it hasn’t affected me. I’m one of those lucky people who can drop off pretty easily. I’m impressed actually at how still I’ve managed to sleep. Or at least, I’m waking up in the same spot anyway…

    The healing process can last anywhere from up to 6 weeks to 6 months, and my ear definitely still feels tender to touch. I’ve seen people online saying that their healing process has taken even longer! I’m hoping that it’ll be healed on the quicker side really. I’m dying to change this ring out to a smaller and prettier one. Already got my eye on a few!

    Anyone have experience of healing a cartilage piercing?

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    2016 Goals Update

    We’re getting closer to the half way point of 2016 and the other week I remembered that I actually set myself some goals. Yeah, that should tell you how those are going… At a first glance it felt like I’d done terribly thus far, but on reflection it’s really not that bad.

    2016 Goals Update |

    Completed Goals

    + Pass my theory test +
    + Be working in a media-based role by the end of 2016 +

    Failed Goals

    + Practise yoga at least twice a week +
    + Go to the gym or do another exercise (besides yoga!) at least twice a week +
    + Pick up my wildlife photography again: publish a blog post on website quarterly, at least +
    + Avoid all fizzy drinks, unless at a restaurant +

    Still in Progress/Possible

    + Pass my driving test +
    + Open a savings account +
    + Sign myself up for an online course +
    + Improve my lifting: main goal is to hit a 60kg squat +
    + Increase followers across social media: Twitter to 750 and Instagram to 400 are main goals +
    + Complete my Goodreads goal: 75 books +
    + Run another 10k race +

    2016 Goals Update | 2016 Goals Update | 2016 Goals Update |

    So yeah, the two I have completed are admittedly pretty big goals. I passed my theory test first time, and I have my driving test booked for the summer. Even if I fail my actual test first time (hopefully not, like) it will be done this year. So that one is definitely still possible. Be working in a media-based role? Yep, I think I can tick that off, seeing as I’m working part time as a Web Content Assistant. Full time is the goal now.

    The failed ones? Yep, I failed epically with these.
    + Yoga happened for January when I did Adriene’s 30 day challenge, then it just stopped.
    + Going to the gym or swimming twice a week was going well right up until the past month and a half. I can count how many times I’ve been on one hand during that time.
    + I also did pretty well on avoiding fizzy drinks, right up until I went on holiday in March. We were all inclusive, so I had a lot of fizzy drink that week. It just set me back completely. I still don’t drink it any where near as often as I did before this year, but it still needs cutting down.
    + Wildlife photography? Yep, another big fail. I actually took photos yesterday of caterpillars in my garden. First time this year.

    The goals still in progress or still possible?
    + Driving test, as mentioned above.
    + Now I’m working full time between my two jobs, I’ve started the process of changing banks to get away from my student one and the safety net of having an overdraft available. The savings account will follow.
    + I still want to sign myself up to an online course, it’s just costs at the moment. Maybe later in the year?
    + Improve my lifting and run a 10k race – still very possible. I’m gonna sign myself up for the Wigan 10k and well, the lifting will come. I’m really tempted to get myself a personal trainer for a little bit, see how that goes. All depends on work and money later in the year of course.
    + Goodreads goal – I’m currently 13 books behind on it. Still possible, nevertheless.
    + Increase my followers across social media – doing well! I’m actually on 660 on twitter and 380 on instagram, so I think I need to raise my goals!

    There’s a lot that I haven’t done, but I’ve actually completed big things and am well on the way to completing some more. When I first looked back at my goals, I felt so discouraged but after really sitting down to think about them, I’ve realised I’m doing okay! Some people hate making goals, but I like having something to work towards. There are some that I would be upset about not completing by the end of the year, but others I’m not as bothered about. Taking time to reflect, I’ve realised that the ones I really want are either done, or well on their way to being done. It’s all good!

    How are your goals going?


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