Craft: Making a Blackboard!

Way back in May, my dad kindly cut up some pieces of wood for me. I was going to use them for my final project at university, but that idea didn’t really work out. Ever since then, I’ve had these hidden in the bottom of my wardrobe, wondering what to do with them. Hit by a sudden burst of inspiration whilst sorting out my room, I dashed out to Wilkinsons and bought some blackboard paint.

So, if you want to make your own chalkboard, all you need is:
+ A surface to paint on. (This can be wood or a wall – and possibly much more)
+ Blackboard paint (Can buy this in most places that sell paint. I found mine in Wilkos!)
+ A paintbrush.
+ Chalk – to write on it afterwards!

I didn’t do anything to prep my wood, but you may need to sand it down a bit depending on the piece you pick. Simply paint over your surface with the blackboard paint and it’s done! So easy. I left mine to dry in the sun, so they were done within half an hour, but you may have to wait longer if you do it indoors. The drying time and the number of coats you need will also depend on the paint you buy, and the surface you use. The boards I used are quite small, so really didn’t take long!

lifeofkitty blackboard craft lifeofkitty blackboard craft

lifeofkitty blackboard craft lifeofkitty blackboard craft

Here’s my finished result – standing proudly on my new shelf! I’m in the middle of sorting out my room, so when it’s finished next week I’ll give you a little room tour! Everything is a little bit messy and everywhere at the moment, but as soon as I’ve picked up my IKEA Kallax shelves, all will be good! It’s nice to see a room slowly coming together!

lifeofkitty blackboard craft

  • Ahh this is super cute and very handy. Blackboards are so fun and nostalgic and this is surprisingly easy to do! I’ve seen whole walls done with this, which is great for anyone with kids who have a penchant for drawing on walls.

    • admin

      Yes definitely easy! My brother and I had a wall when we were younger – definitely great for kids to draw on! The possibilities with this paint are endless!