Craft: SMASH book update

It has been a while since I showed my SMASH book so I thought I’d do a small update. I’m not doing very well with my 20 Things list to be honest, so I haven’t actually done much in the SMASH book… I need to get some photos printed off, and also get out more.

The first bit I did was #1 on the list: join a club. I did join the athletics club and I’m still running! Simple page because there’s not much else I could add at the time, although now I have my vest so a photo of that could go in to add something interesting.

This page isn’t really on the list, but it’s just somewhere to put the tickets and whatever for things that I’ve seen over the year at uni. Also very simple.

And this isn’t actually on the list either, but I went to the Kendal Mountain Festival with uni so I felt like it should be included. Had an awesome time, saw great films and I picked up a load of freebies!

I’m hoping to get a lot more done in the next month or so. Maybe my next post will have a little more to show!

  • Sarah Inks

    I really want a smash book but I’d have no idea what to put in it haha. Yours looks really fun and interesting to look at!


    • admin

      Aha, I just keep random tags and things from days out usually! Always keeping random bits so it wasn’t anything different to do :3 Thanks!

  • Cait

    THIS IS SO COOL. I haven’t ever heard of a smash book but I’m doing a list of 22 things before I’m 22. I have the whole year to do it and I’ve done, um, two things. HA. >_< I need to get working.
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    • admin

      Ah thanks! These list things are difficult! :3