Filofax tip: Carrying washi tape.

Last week I really needed to add some things into my diary, and I didn’t have my colour coding tape to do it. Disaster, I know! Hahah. Anyway, I’ve seen this done before and I figured it was a great idea… Now I have the colours that I need on a little piece of plastic and they fit easily into the business card wallet at the back of my Filofax.

washi tape, filofax

washi tape, filofax

Not everyone colour codes, but if you do this is a lot easier than carrying lots of pens around! I’ve been debating getting rid of my 4-colour pen but I know as soon as I do I’ll want it again!

  • Great handy idea but you can’t ditch the four colour pen, it’s too cool!

    • As soon as I wrote it I looked at my diary and realised that I just couldn’t get rid! Good call :3

  • Great tip, I think I’ll be slipping it in the back of my filofax!