First 10k – Done!

Today I went out with the plan to run at least 4 miles. I have my 10k race in 37 days, so I need to get more miles in for this. I’ve never run 10k before…

The weather was beautiful. It was around 20 degrees celsius, which isn’t great for a long run, but I had plenty of shade under the lovely green trees! It was also a little windy which helped tons! So anyway, I was running and I discovered that I had gone past 4 miles when I checked my phone. This made me aim for 5 miles, and then when I got there I figured why not go for 6?! Towards the end I ran through a woods, but it wasn’t the one that I had thought it was and I ended up running in a circle rather than coming out onto a long woodland pathway! Oh dear!

In the end, I did do 6.19 miles, which is a tiny bit less than the 6.21 miles that is considered a 10k, but it’s close enough for me! And to do my first one in 70 minutes was great. I was expecting around 80 minutes at least! If I can run that in 70, then I should be able to get my 5k to around 30 minutes!

Anyway, here are the details if you’re insterested!

And here’s my very tired, red and sweaty face…