The Future of Life of Kitty – Finding Structure

The Future of Life of Kitty - Finding Structure

Well it has been a while since I gave you all a proper life update hasn’t it? The last couple of months have been pretty crazy for me. I mean, I’ve had a lot of downtime from work, but it hasn’t been ‘sit down and relax at home’ kind of downtime – I’ve been on a few trips, both in and out of the country, and just trying to get things done. The blog, admittedly, has been a little neglected in that time.

I’m planning on doing a major overhaul of the blog, with a new name, new design and more organised focus. Just waiting for the funds if I’m being completely honest – with all the trips I’ve been on, I’m a little skint right now! The thing is, I know where I want to go with this blog but I’ve been struggling to get it down in words.

The Blogger’s Epiphany

I was out doing a long run and listening to a few podcasts on my travels. I’d stumbled upon Lucy’s podcast earlier in the week and figured I’d listen to a couple on my way round. It was the one with Monica from The Travel Hack and I just had an epiphany whilst running. That’s the beauty of it – your mind wanders and you can think of all sorts, coming up with so many ideas. It gave me that much needed clarity and helped me to figure out what I really want.

My interests lie heavily with running, fitness/health, and exploring new places. That’s my passion. I want to seek new adventures, find new things and keep fit whilst I’m at it. And I want to share that with you.

What To Expect

I’ve already been writing about this stuff a lot anyway, so you won’t see a massive change in the content of the blog. What I do want to bring is a little more structure – mostly just for myself. There will be three main sections to read from – fitness, travel and life – and whilst they will often intertwine, you’ll see different content within each category. If there’s anything you really want to see within these topics, please do let me know!

I already feel a lot better about the future of Life of Kitty knowing that I have a bit more of a plan in place. From what I’ve seen online, it seems a lot of bloggers have started to feel a little dejected and have fallen out with blogging. I wouldn’t say I have ‘fallen out’ with it, but I definitely haven’t been feeling as optimistic as I did at the beginning of the year. That’s just life catching up on me though!

Now is the time to get back to writing and creating content that I’m both proud of, and that I think brings something positive to my blog. I’m looking forward to getting back into it, and I hope you enjoy the new (ish) direction I’m heading in!

How are you finding structure in blogging? Any tips?


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  • Rainy Days Fun

    I think with any blogs, regardless of the theme, content planning really helps. It sounds like a drag, and nothing than being mentioned the word “planning” bores me to death, but if you take even 30 mins to do it, you can come up with so many ideas. There’s events throughout the year that you can plan your posts around…..there’s variations on different themes. Good luck with it and hope to read about it soon. Also a runner – although a new one, embarked on a couch to 5k journey, yet to reach those 5 k so looking fwd to reading your blog!

    • Content planning definitely helps me for sure. I’d be lost without doing that haha! Hope your running is going well! x

  • I think some people are natural planners, others just like to publish whenever – There is too much pressure to have it all together as a blogger and it can top feeling like a hobby and start feeling like a chore. x

    • Oh yeah, it definitely depends on the person doesn’t it? I’d love to be someone who could just write on the fly and be happy with it haha. x

  • Mummy Times Two

    I like you definitely need structure and my categories help me to do that, they also stop me going on a tangent too often.

  • vcoombe

    Sometimes a restructure to align where you want to be is just what the doctor ordered. Good luck!

  • I think so long as you’re writing about something that you’re passionate about and you’re really interested in, it’s always going to be a winner. I think your blog is lovely, if that’s any help x

    • Ah thank you! Yeah passion for the subject is a definite must! x

  • Rachel Bee

    I often think a little blog definition helps to refocus the mind and help you to enjoy blogging more. I think we all get caught up in the “business” side of blogging but I think it’s so important to remember why we all started in the first place! Good luck with your plans!! Looking forward to seeing them in action!