Life in August ’16

Well, hasn’t August flown by! As predicted, work has been extremely busy. For the last couple of weeks we’ve only had 15 rated films showing after 6pm… And so many young looking teenagers trying to get in. Asking a 15 year old for ID really sucks, but it’s even worse having to turn them away. Just a note guys – if you look young, carry ID!


Enjoying the Sunshine

We’ve had a few sunny days in August (yeah – just a few) and when they’ve fallen on my days/mornings off I’ve taken full advantage. Plenty of time outside, and I even went foraging for berries! There’s nothing better than being able to leave the house in shorts and without a jacket – especially when running! I’ve got a week in Wales coming up in September and I’m hoping we get a little sunshine down there too.



I well and truly threw myself into 10k training this month. Managed to get 3 runs done per week, got up to a 10k and have been swimming and to the gym a couple of times too. All in all, a good month for fitness. My goal for September is to get back into doing yoga, and I’m gonna start with one of Adriene’s 30 day challenges. I will probably drop the running down to once or twice a week after the Wigan 10k because I want to pick weight training back up properly.


On the Blog

Cursed Child. Did you love it or hate it? I’ve seen very mixed reviews so far, and figured I’d throw my own out there and tell you guys why I actually enjoyed Cursed Child. Also this month I managed to snag some tickets to see the play next July, thanks to my cousin! Super excited for that now. July 2017 seems so far away. I also wrote about creating an inspiration wall, because who doesn’t love a good picture board?


I’ll have tons to write about next month, because the beginning of September is shaping up to be extremely busy. So much already planned, I feel like it’s just gonna go so quickly. The most exciting things include a little break away (no work for an entire week!!) and three Mcfly gigs in a row… Yep, I can’t wait!

How was your August?


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  • wow you make me feel so unfit, go you! i can’t believe i haven’t read the cursed child yet, i feel like I’m letting 7 year old me down.
    jen / enter my too faced giveaway x

    • Ah, you shouldn’t feel like that! I just having nothing better to do haha! You should definitely read Cursed Child though! x

  • I’m 23 but still look like I’m in high school so I often get asked for my id. It’s kind of annoying but I understand it’s for safety reasons. I also did the 30 day yoga challenge not too long ago and really enjoyed it. However, I’m not as good as you are in yoga! I can barely pick myself up! lol ♥

    • Yeah, I still get the same and I’m 23 too! Better to be safe than sorry though as far as the law is concerned aha! I’m only good at yoga in strength – not flexible at all! I can’t touch my toes when sitting down straight legged haha! x

  • I feel like this entire year has flown over!! Hats off to you for your run training, mind. I’m doing my fourth Great North Run next weekend and (stupidly, again) haven’t trained properly for it (basically, I’ve not been running… at all). I keep telling myself that the next time I run it I’ll train. We’ll see. As for cursed child… I’ve kind of avoided it. I’m all for book love and i LOVE the Harry Potter books but so far the hype is too much for me.
    Xx Beth @

    • It really has! Thank you, and good luck for your run! I always tell myself the same thing, I thought I was cutting it close deciding to go ahead with just 4 weeks until the race aha. Don’t blame you for avoiding Cursed Child though, it has had very mixed reactions x