Life in February.

I don’t feel like I did a lot this month, but I had more photos to look through than I expected! I haven’t been blogging much, and I feel like I’ve spent a lot of time wasted. This month has been a good one for running though – I’ve started running around 4 times a week. I’m getting faster and fitter, and I can really see a difference from the beginning of the month.

February has had it’s ups and downs, but overall I think it has been okay. I’ve just discovered that my major project needs a completely new idea, so I’m panicking a little about that, but I’m sure it’ll come together!

Was excited to read Golden son + Turned 22 and had a very active birthday + Officially signed up to volunteer with South Lakes! + Watched a few food documentaries and ate vegetarian for two weeks (well, two weeks on Monday!) + Ran more + Ate pancakes (and lots of nutella) + Watched a pretty sunset and the starlings + Got a new lion king top thanks to teefury!

(Click links to see my reviews)
My Heart and Other Black Holes – Jasmine Warga
Golden Son – Pierce Brown
Into The Nest – Laura Erickson, Marie Read
In Real Life – Cory Doctorow, Jen Wang (Review coming tomorrow!)

+ Becky gave us 5 great tips for writing book reviews, and told us about some awesome apps!
+ Cait asked if we wished villains had their own books… And I definitely do!
+ Anna wrote a touching post about her bunny, and is selling dashboards with all proceeds going to ‘The Rabbit Residence’.
+ Rosie posted about a Duolingo 31 day challenge and I’m definitely up for it!
+ Leona has started up a series called ‘Don’t Fear the Smear’ and I think those posts are well worth a read!

March brings The Script, a university sports competition, Easter, volunteering with South Lakes, and the end of one module. Then I’ll just have two on the go… I’m looking forward to March!

  • Cait

    Aww, thanks for linking to my post! XD

    YAY FOR AN AWESOME FEB! And happy belated birthday! That lion King shirt is just too freakishly awesome… squee! And YUM to pancakes. Nutella is basically life.

    • admin

      I thought it was a great post! :3
      Thank you! (: Yeah, nutella is life. And I didn’t even like it a couple of months ago… xD