Making Peppermint Bark // #14 of Blogmas ’16

Yep, that time of year again. I made Peppermint Bark for the first time last year. I’m calling it bark, but it wasn’t thin, it was pretty much just a big slab of chocolate. This year I told myself I’d make it thinner. Didn’t happen.

Making Peppermint Bark // #14 of Blogmas ’16

Can I still call it peppermint bark when it’s half an inch thick? Who knows. Do I care? Not really! It is actually thinner than last year’s effort though. You can see my first attempt of Peppermint Bark here!

Christmas time for me is a time for indulgence. I mean, I’m a big chocolate lover all year round (who isn’t?!) but I never really go for anything special. I’m a simple Cadbury’s girl with the odd malteaser thrown in. Oh and milky ways. And munchies.

I don’t even really like minty chocolate. I’d never choose a chocolate bar that was minty. This homemade Peppermint ‘Bark’ is different though. And okay, so I only melted the chocolate down and reformed it into a different shape… I added mint flavouring, that’s homemade right? It is.

Making Peppermint Bark // #14 of Blogmas ’16

How Do I Make Peppermint Bark?

This chocolate is very easy to do though – all you need is some white chocolate, dark/plain/milk chocolate, candy canes and a dash of peppermint flavouring. My mum isn’t a fan of dark chocolate so for this batch I mixed a bar of dark chocolate and milk chocolate together. I think it’s supposed to be made with dark or plain but you know, each to their own. That’s the good thing about making your own chocolate – you can do whatever you like!

Oh you need parchment paper too. Better line your containers with that just in case the chocolate sticks to the pan. It may not, but I’ve never tried without so you know – rather safe than sorry right?! To begin with, better start crushing the candy canes. You want them to be ready for when your chocolate is ready otherwise it’ll dry and the candy canes won’t stick… This time I also added a few sprinkles on top!

Once that is done, melt down the darker chocolate in a bain-marie, and pour it into whatever container you are using. Stick it in the freezer and get the white chocolate melting. Here you want to add a dash of the peppermint flavouring and make sure it’s mixed in! Grab the darker chocolate out of the freezer – you don’t want it too frozen – and simply pour the white on top. Then sprinkle with candy canes, sprinkles, more chocolate, whatever you like, before sticking it back in the freezer. Done!

If I’d done mine thinner and used a few flat trays, my chocolate would probably snap like bark is supposed to. Because I didn’t, I had to leave mine out to soften before I could hack at it with a knife. Regardless, it tastes like minty heaven.

Making Peppermint Bark // #14 of Blogmas ’16

Making Peppermint Bark // #14 of Blogmas ’16

Making Peppermint Bark // #14 of Blogmas ’16

Simple as that really! It tastes good, it looks good and you can pour the mixture into anything really. I tried out a couple of crown shaped chocolates and I think they look amazing if I do say so myself… Last year I made little bundles of this kind of chocolate to sit at each person’s dinner place. Went down a treat! I’m sure you could even use them as a placeholder – write each person’s initial on top! I’d do it myself if we were eating out this year.

Making Peppermint Bark // #14 of Blogmas ’16

Ever tried Peppermint Bark before?


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  • That looks delicious and so easy to make.

  • Abi Street

    This looks so lovely! I really want to try this. I think the reason why yours is so thick is because you’re mixing two chocolates together rather than just have one thin layer! But as long as it tastes amazing thats all that counts! x

    Abi | abistreetx

    • Yeah, that makes so much sense! I just copied off pinterest recipes, but I’ve more recently seen just one chocolate kind of bark… Will have to try it haha! x

  • Chocolate bark always looks so cool in shops. Since you’ve shown how easy it is to make I should give it a go. I love how you can chuck anything in it – marshmallows, candy etc – and it’s bound to be delicious.

    • Oh yeah definitely! It’s so easy, and can obviously be done all year round anyway! x