Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

Well, Christmas has now passed and we’re almost in 2015 – that’s scary, right? For me, 2015 brings the end of my education (unless of course I decide to go for a masters in the next few years!) and that is a scary thought!

I’ve had a lovely, relaxed Christmas so far and have spent tons of time with family. We’ve done a 1000 piece puzzle, played games, watched films/tv, eaten lots of delicious foods and had some drinks! It’s different now. I mean, my younger brother is now 18, so we are all officially adults… Christmas day was also a little weird because we were at my sisters house, and not once in 21 years do I remember ever leaving my house for Christmas dinner!

I know some people don’t like these kinds of posts, but I love having a nosy and seeing what others received for Christmas, so I thought I’d post mine!

Beautiful trainers! I love these because they’re a minimal design. The foot is flat, so it makes them good for gym use and lifting! I can already feel the difference just doing body weight squats!

Wildlife documentaries! I still haven’t watched all of Life Story so I’m looking forward to getting into this when I get back to uni! I’m sure it’ll be good to have in the background whilst doing work :3

I’ve been wanting to read The Iron Trial since it came out, so as soon as I’ve read my review copies for January I’ll be getting right in! I also got this Calvin Klein perfume (yes, and I am 21!) and I love it! I’ve never really had a ‘proper’ perfume so this was a great gift! It smells lovely, and it lasts ages.

Those were my main presents off my parents, and I was really pleased! I also received some lovely presents, including gift cards, candles and bath goodies from other family/friends. If you’ve done a post, I’d love to check it out! I’m a little behind on my blog reading so not sure which of the blogs that I’m following have done one…

Anyway, it’s New Years Eve tomorrow and I think we’re all gonna watch some films, get a take away and possibly have a Trivial Pursuit rematch – with a potato pie for midnight of course! I’m looking forward to it. Not one for going out really! How about you guys, any plans?

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