My Week #1

I’m going to be posting my filofax week every Sunday (hopefully) and I’m following Angela’s (paperlovestory) ‘My week’ ‘thing’. I don’t know what to call it…

So my first week is very boring… And I already messed up! I went climbing on Thursday but actually wrote it in Friday’s…

Anyway I decided to go with cotton cream week on one page to write down appointments and stuff, and then I’m using paperchase’s kraft paper in between each week for my to-do lists/information. Hopefully this works out!
And hopefully I can bring more interesting weeks to this xD

  • Haha, I once wrote someone’s birthday in the wrong day (awkward!) so it happens to the best of us (well, trying to convince myself that hehe). Love the look of the craft paper – is it rough to the touch, or smooth? I have some of their notepaper and the quality is quite disappointing :( x

    • Aha, at least I’m not the only one! :3
      Hmm, hard to explain. It isn’t as smooth as the filofax paper, but it’s still fairly smooth! I quite like writing on it! It’s not too thin/thick. I’ve never tried the notepaper though! x

  • I like the look of the kraft paper. It’s good to have a different colour sometimes.