Notebooks and Jotpads…

As part of my Ecology assignments, I have to create a ‘Practical Notebook’. This includes writing about every field trip that we go on, and getting every detail down. I knew that these Rhodia notebooks were in Rymans at £1.99, and figured they’d be great! I bought two – just in case! I think one would probably be enough though. The notebook fits into the a5 flex perfectly, and this is great because the cover offers protection for when I’m in the great outdoors! ;)
I also discovered these jotpads, and they fit perfectly into my a5 flex. Stupidly, I forgot to take a photo of that… The paper seems to be quite ‘cheap’ but I figured it’d be fine for writing lists – which would be my primary use. They cost 69p each, or three for £1…

I also got the good news back about my Biodiversity I.D Test results! I got 88 out of a possible 100, so I’m guessing that’s 80%!

  • Oxford Lady

    I like the photography! :D