So, I said that I eventually wanted a leather Filofax. I just love leather. It’s so pretty. Anyway, I was browsing ebay and discovered a fantastic offer, and managed to snap up a black Personal Finsbury for £16! It didn’t have a diary (but that doesn’t matter because I already have one!), but it had some info sheets, A-Z dividers, plain tabbed dividers, a fair bit of notepaper, today marker, business card wallet and I think that was it. I can’t remember now and I’ve just filed a lot of inserts away!

    So, here it is!
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    It was advertised as used, but looked in perfect condition, and I wasn’t disappointed when it arrived! It doesn’t lie flat at all, which leads me to believe that it wasn’t used very much. Though, I have seen people saying that the Personal ones don’t lie completely flat anyway… We’ll see what happens! It still smells very much like new leather. The cards slots weren’t even fully open!

    I think I prefer this already over my Songbird, as it doesn’t feel as bulky and heavy…

    I’m posting photos of my current set-up under this read more… Warning, picture heavy! ;)
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    Recycling old t-shirts into pillows!

    I have an old t-shirt that I really loved, but it was dyed in the wash, and just looked a little weird when I wore it. Probably because I knew what colour it was supposed to be! It was also getting a little small.

    Well last month I came across this tutorial at ‘Ruffles And Stuff‘. Immediately, this t-shirt came to my mind as it has a really cute design, and would look great as a pillow!

    So, I got my t-shirt, scissors, needle, thread and stuffing, and set about making it into a pillow! It was really quite easy, and I even managed the slip stitch (invisible stitch/ladder stitch) at the end perfectly fine, having never done one before! The tutorial is great. It’s simple and very easy to follow. There really isn’t much to making a t-shirt into a pillow…

    Anyway, onto the photos!

    Here is my process…

    1: The t-shirt / 2: Have cut it into shape, both sides are the same size (or roughly the same.. hahah) / 3: You can’t really see very well, but the pieces are placed face/front together, and pins are holding it together. / 4: The stitched pillow, without stuffing.

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    And the pillow in action!

    I love it. I think it’s cute, and will be a great addition to my University room!

    Have you done anything crafty recently? Have you tried this before? I’d be interested in seeing other creations!


    Baking Red Velvet Cakes

    I made cakes today! Red velvet cakes with the cream cheese frosting… Not too sure about that flavour. It’s really weird when you first start eating it, and then you get used to it. Still, I don’t think I’ll be doing it again – I’ll leave it to the Americans!
    Yes, I cheated and used a packet mix. I’m sorry xD

    I also made GIFs because I was bored and I thought it’d look cool ;)

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic


    First month in Filofax.

    Click through to make bigger!

    Well, here are my first four weeks – they’re not that interesting sorry! Hopefully I’ll have better things to write in when I start University!
    (Also, I took the photos on Friday morning – so I did take my antibiotics and check them off!)

    I’m just about to sort the rest of my tab sections out, so there may be a post in the next few days with ‘design’ updates so keep an eye out!

    I’ve also decided to buy an A4 Filo for University – or at least some sort of binder if I can get a cheaper filofax look-a-like! I have the Oxford refill pads that are bound at the top, and this could make note writing difficult (when writing on the second side of the paper). So, I’m going to put the paper into the Filo and use that to keep my University lecture notes safe and ‘clean’. They’ll only get tatty in my bag otherwise! The other things that I’ll put in there will just be my timetable, monthly calendars and my lecturers contact details. More may be put in but those are the main things – the useful things!

    And now for the problem… My pen holder in my filofax is breaking. It was fine at the beginning, and the pen slotted in easily – I didn’t have to force it. Now, the elastic is appearing, and the cotton covering thing is coming apart. I have little fuzzy bits and it’s just coming away bit by bit. I can’t really explain properly so I have a photo…
    (You can also see nearer to the top, there is a little bump where it has messed up!)

    Does anyone have any advice for sorting this? I don’t know what to do! I will be forever grateful xD


    Making Filofax Dividers

    A few days ago, I blogged about the first divider that I had made for my Filofax. (You can find that post here!) It’s really easy, and you don’t need anything special!

    I used:

      printed photos
      pritt stick
      wrapping paper
      washi tape

    Well today I made some more, and I’m going to post photos and a little explanation of what I did for them here!

    Here is my tab for ‘Diary’. I cut out the black card (I marked out the right size using one of the Filofax dividers that I got with my Filo!) and holepunched it. I had printed this photo (of a polaroid!) onto matt photo paper, and so I cut that out into the right shape and just simply glued it on. I am currently waiting on a delivery for sticky clear ‘paper’ (?). I’m not sure what it is, but you just place it over the card and it works as a protective cover. For now, I used an old sheet of acetate that I found, and cut it to the right size. This just protects the printed photo, as I don’t want the ink smudging! The photo is my boyfriend and my cat – two favourite ‘people’!

    This next divider is for my ‘Fitness’ section. I decided to print a photo of Jessica Ennis, as I think she is really inspiring (and I’m interested in the running!). Of course, if you’ve watched the Olympics, and the Heptathlon then you’ll know how incredible she is!
    Anyway, I did the same here – cut out the card to size and then glued the photo onto the card. Again, I’m using an old piece of acetate at the moment, just until I get my clear stuff!

    My University section! I found this Chococat wrapping paper in Tesco, and just had to buy it! To do this one, I just wrapped the paper over the edges, and glued it down (I also added a little tape to keep the edges stuck down!). I then glued another piece of the wrapping paper on top of the back, just so the folded bits were covered. The photo shows it better than I can explain! It’s not extremely neat, but you don’t focus on that page anyway! (You can also see my long list of items that I need for University!)

    This is my ‘Notes’ section. This is a scrap of wrapping paper that I found lying around my house! I did the same as above with this one, only I added a random sticker too!

    So yeah, I hope that was helpful and gave you some ideas! It’s definitely cheaper than buying pre-made ones! I bought a pack of A5 card for around £2 I think, and if I remember correctly there are 100 sheets in there.

    And on a sort of unrelated note – I found these sticky notes in Wilkinsons! They were only a £1 but I think they’re pretty awesome!

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    Take me back?


    Last week I got two coloured films developed from my holiday to Turkey in July. It took me ages, yes, but I finally had it done! I’m pretty pleased with my photos, though I wish I’d taken more! I used two film cameras – my Canon EOS 300 with the 50mm 1.8 lens, and a cheap underwater 28mm camera – with no autofocus.

    This was taken on a day trip. They are the ‘King Tombs’, and were built in 4. BC. These are family tombs and were part of tradition. I think it’s great! I’d love to be buried in a tomb in a mountain!


    Also taken on the trip – just a view from the boat.

    The mud bath! This was really awesome. It was weird because it was warm, and you did just float in it.

    Taken at the Blue Lagoon – floating in the sea!

    Also taken at the Blue Lagoon. Isn’t is beautiful!

    Mega burger!

    Oh this poor dog. No matter what time we would walk past it – morning or night – it would be here, chained up. It had a kennel, and it had food and water, but it was just constantly chained up. It seemed like it was never in the house, and I don’t know about walks. It was skinny, and just didn’t look happy.


    And, here’s me! Taken by my brother xD


    Filofax Registration Cover Inspired

    Okay so I came across ‘Japan Corner’, located here in this blog. The blog is brilliant… Anyway, I dicovered this post here, and saw that it was a really good idea. I’m quite scared of losing my Filofax, and I think this is a good way to make sure that people see the registration page.

    So I created my own…

    I used two photos that I took at the Harry Potter Studio Tour – the first quote that you see when entering, and the 1:24 scale model of the castle.

    So, this is what I see when I open my Filofax.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    The registration page is underneath, and you can see the rectangle cut out on the card of my front page.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    So yeah, I think it looks pretty good! And I like to open my Filo up and see this image. So thanks to Sachiko over at Filofax Love for the idea! (Go check her blog out! Awesome drawings/paintings on there.)

    Anyway, I also went to Tesco, and picked up some Uni stuff. I managed to get two Oxford notepads that were on offer – a deal I couldn’t resist – and I also got a cute little pencil case and some study cards. These fit well into my Filofax so it’s a win all around.
    I found the cat wrapping paper, and figured I could use it maybe as a cover for a divider. It’s cute, and it’s Chococat!

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