A book lover’s notebook!

I couldn’t resist nipping into Paperchase when I visited Manchseter on the weekend – I could actually spend hours in that shop! (Imagine working there!)

Anyway, I spotted this notebook! It was on offer and I just had to buy it! The design on the cover drew me in. I love the books and the black and white with a dash of blue!

The front half has pages for you to write reviews on books that you’ve read, and I think this would be a great way to keep track!

The other half of the book has pages to list books to read and for a place to keep track of books that you have borrowed/lent (for example library books!). I probably won’t have much use for the books borrowed section, but the books to read is quite useful!

And finally I spotted this cute pack of washi tapes – I really love the designs! There were quite a few rolls around the shop, but at £3 per roll, I thought this was a better deal at £3 for the lot. They’re a lot smaller in size (length) than the bigger ones obviously, but I think they’ll last a fair bit for me!

  • I love the notebook, I agree the picture on the front is really striking. I wish I could keep better track of the books I read, I am terrible for writing them down!

    • Katie Louise

      Yeah, i think this would be great to look back at! I’m currently using goodreads to keep track of the books i read (:

      • I have a goodreads account but rarely update that either! *blush!*

  • designmischief

    My best friend works in paperchase and gives the best gifts!

    • Katie Louise

      Oh I can imagine! I’d love to work in a stationery shop :3