Personal: December Goals

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It’s almost Christmas! Really though, 1st December marks the definite start of Christmas… Work have started playing the Christmas music and I’m at home, ready to put the tree up!

How did I do with November goals?

+ Exercise 3x a week. This just needs to stay here until it’s a good habit!
+ Fill out (and send off!) SL volunteer form.
+ Get first Prof Dev assignment done. (Deadline 5th Dec!)
+ Get more Christmas shopping done.

Exercise was great! I did plenty, as you can see in the photo below! ;) I also did some Christmas shopping, though still have more to do. Now I didn’t fill out that volunteer form, but I’ve decided that it can wait until summer, as I’ve paid to go on a Rewilding Week in March as part of my final project instead. I also didn’t get my assignment done, but I’ve made good headway, and the deadline was pushed back a week so I still have plenty of time!

+ Get first Prof Dev assignment done. (Deadline 12th Dec!)
+ Write at least 3 new pieces for my Feature Writing blog.
+ Complete Goodreads challenge!
+ Finish the Greener Minds module.
+ Find and try some vegetarian recipes!

Do you have any goals for this month? I’d love to read them – leave your links!

  • I don’t have any goals yet but you have inspired me to write some! BTW, for vegetarian recipes, I highly recommend The Happy Herbivore

    • admin

      Oh, that’s great to hear! I will definitely check that out thanks (:

  • Saoirse T. E. Sterling

    I have quite a few goals for this month, which is unusual for me. Does your GoodReads goal mean you have to read 39 books in December or is your widget not updated? If it is, I’d just like to say good luck with that! :P

    You can read about my goals here:
    <33 Sterling

    • admin

      Oh dear, no it hasn’t been updating. I hadn’t noticed that! I have 6 to go :3 (Or 5 I guess, seeing as I finished one an hour ago!)

      • Saoirse T. E. Sterling

        Ahh, that’s much more do-able! Good luck <3