Personal: Goals for 2015

After looking back on last years resolutions (of which I failed miserably) I’ve decided to narrow my goals down to different sections again, but this time they’re more doable! As I touched on in my 2014 recap, I feel like I’m rediscovering myself, and this year is basically about doing things for myself. I want to focus on my health, physically and mentally, and I feel like these goals will help with that. None of them are too difficult – for the most part it will be the motivation and time that I struggle with. (And possibly money – hence the book buying ban!)

+ Graduate university.
+ Explore new places.
+ Find work in something that I enjoy once I’ve graduated.
+ Start taking driving lessons.

+ Practise yoga regularly. By 2016 I want to be able to do the scorpion pose!
+ Improve on my lifting.
+ Run the Great Manchester Run (10k) under 60 minutes.
+ Run 365km in the year.
+ Try a new food/recipe each month.
+ Eat as vegetarian for at least two weeks. (I want to try it and who knows, maybe it’ll stick!)

+ Redesign my Photography blog – make it into a website!
+ Write more. (Keep my feature writing uni blog updated)
+ Add more fitness/health into my blog. I want to write about my experiences.
+ Promote more bloggers. I read some brilliant posts from blogs that I follow and I want to share those that have touched me!
+ Delve into the world of graphic novels.
+ Finish reading the books on my TBR shelf before buying any more.
+ Do more crafting.

Honestly? I feel like the book ban will be the hardest thing! I would say that I have a good few months worth of books that have been waiting on my shelf to be read, so I’m hoping to get through those before spending money on any more! It’ll definitely be a challenge… What are your goals for 2015?

  • These are great resolutions, Katie. I’m definitely with you on the book buying ban – I have enough unread books on my bookcase that I could probably have something to read for a few months at least without buying a single new book. I genuinely think I’m addicted to the rush of buying a new book more than anything, but for the sake of space (and my bank balance!) I really need to cut back a lot.

    Explore new places; try a new recipe every month; write more; and do more crafting could literally be lifted from my personal list of goals. I want to step back from my laptop screen more and be more creative, whether that comes to plans for my weekend, what to have for dinner, or a pastime for the evenings. I’m not a crafty person at all though, so I’ll need to find something to do first!


    p.s. I’m vegetarian and have been for almost ten years, so if you have any questions or would like some recipe inspiration, please let me know!

    • admin

      Oh definitely! I have so many unread books that I bought at the end of last year! Just in my university flat I have 27 unread books… haven’t counted the ones at home yet! And yeah, I think I need to take a step back from the internet. I’m hoping these goals do that :3
      On the vegetarian front, I may well ask you some questions at some point! My problem is that I’m quite fussy with certain foods, and I worry I won’t eat enough of the right stuff! (i.e. not junk XD)

  • Sarah Inks

    Due to my numerous allergies, I want to try and go onto a vegan diet! Will be posting more on it soon. The rest of your resolutions sound fab :) xx

    • admin

      Oh, will be interested to read how you go on!

  • Cait

    I ADORE your list. And it looks completely doable yet challenging, so that’s fantastic. Omg, I admire you for running that much! I run nearly everyday, but only for 2km, I don’t think I’d ever be able to do a 10K. Although I kind of would like to try. If I had a running buddy I might. hehe. XD

    I discovered graphic novels last year. BEST EVER. I want to read now.

    Crafting for me too! I want to do more awesome bookish themed crafts and I do have an etsy store, so who knows?! Might fund my book buying, right?!

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    • admin

      Aw thanks! I’m a little scared about the 10k. I know I can always walk a bit but I really want to run the whole way! I’ve got 5 months to prepare though so it should be fine! xD
      Ooh, bookish themed crafts sound interesting… I may have to see what’s around on pinterest for ideas! Totally a good way to fund book-buying ;)