Personal: September Goals

I always see these posts when I’m looking through all the blogs that I read, and I thought it was about time that I tried to set myself some goals. I’m hoping it will keep me motivated throughout the month! Starting off with some fairly simple goals, but things that I really want to get done.

> Join a club at university. (Aiming to join Athletics!)
> Run at least twice each week. (Only once this week because of my tattoo!)
> Sort out my University room – bin things that I don’t need!
> Eat more veggies!

Do you have any goals for this month? I’d love to read them – leave your links!

  • Saoirse at Xleptodactylous

    Starting small is always the best way to do it. Sometimes it is best to nip in the shallow end first. “Eat more veggies”: this should be on my goals list but I’d really rather not. I don’t eat any at all, really. Thankfully I eat a lot of fruit otherwise I’d be totally unhealthy. Good luck with these.

    • admin

      Aha yep, definitely! I eat some veggies, but I’m just really wanting to eat a lot healthier. Planning to snack on more veggies and fruit rather than chocolate and biscuits!

    • admin

      Oh definitely! I eat a few, but I really need to try to make my meals more veggie based rather than lots of potato… xD Thanks!

  • Rachael

    Simple goals are the way to go I think – at least that’s what I’m trying! I have a mission to repair out outside deck, finsihing the weeding and sorting out where our plans for a butterfly garden is going.

    • admin

      Yep – better to not over face yourself! Ooh a butterfly garden sounds exciting! We have the one ‘butterfly bush’ but we get so many visiting.

  • Sorcha

    These sounds like great, achievable goals! Except I envy you the will power to go running twice a week! :)

    Sorcha x Bright Field Notes

    • admin

      Aha thanks! I’m hoping that knowing I’ve written it down will make me go… I do have trouble with having the motivation to go! :3