Personal: A Trip to South Lakes Safari Zoo

At the end of September, a few of us in my flat went to South Lakes for a birthday day out! South Lakes is my favourite zoo because the animals have so much space, and it is a great day out. They do a lot of conservation work through the company (something I’m hoping to help with through volunteering next year!) and it just seems good all round. Just thought I’d post some of my photos from the day…

The squirrel monkeys were the favourites! So cute and cheeky… You could feel them watching your every move and wondering how easy it would be to get into your bag. Also caught one jumping onto a couple and that was pretty funny…

The lemurs always make me laugh too. If it’s sunny, you will see most of them sunbathing like this…

Beautiful big cats!

Is that a wink I see?

The male lion getting his food was pretty funny – definitely struggled a little getting up that pole! The female however did it so much faster and sleeker…

Baby baboons are adorable.

How cute are these giant otters?! Curled up enough so they can use each other as a pillow hahah.

I think these are Howler Monkeys… Not totally sure. They’re funny looking though!

Gibbons are funny looking things too.

Hope you enjoyed looking at these photos… Which animal is your favourite?! Mine would always be the monkeys or apes.

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