Photo Friday #3

I don’t know about anyone else, but robins just seem to always be around when I’m out. I’ll go out to take photographs and I will very likely get a photograph of a robin. They’re just always around!

Earlier this week I visited Talkin Tarn, and I saw three Robins whilst there. Two on the way up, and one in the actual area. Anyway, I was sat at the feeding area and I heard a flutter of wings very close to my ear. Turning around slowly, I saw one robin standing around half a metre away from me, almost at eye level. I put my camera up to my face – the robin still watching me – and snapped a few photos. It was just watching everything I did, probably deciding whether I was a threat or not… It flew away, and came back again not long after to watch again. I’m really pleased with this photo!

Note: Please do not pin any of these images onto Pinterest.

I thought I would show a couple of other robin photos that I’ve collected over the past few years…


Untitled by Katie Halsall on

Robin by Katie Halsall on

  • Should they remind this professor of spring because he is shivering to the bone???

  • Rachael (@hookstitch)

    I miss how small the British Robin is compared to their fellow American Robins (which are like the size of a Blackbird which just doesn’t seem right with me!)

    • Ah, I can’t imagine the robin being bigger! American ones look a little different too, don’t they? Really confused me once when searching for robin photos aha!

  • Love the second and third! Do you use a tripod?

    • I didn’t use a tripod for any of these, but I do occasionally use one!