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Recycling old t-shirts into pillows!

I have an old t-shirt that I really loved, but it was dyed in the wash, and just looked a little weird when I wore it. Probably because I knew what colour it was supposed to be! It was also getting a little small.

Well last month I came across this tutorial at ‘Ruffles And Stuff‘. Immediately, this t-shirt came to my mind as it has a really cute design, and would look great as a pillow!

So, I got my t-shirt, scissors, needle, thread and stuffing, and set about making it into a pillow! It was really quite easy, and I even managed the slip stitch (invisible stitch/ladder stitch) at the end perfectly fine, having never done one before! The tutorial is great. It’s simple and very easy to follow. There really isn’t much to making a t-shirt into a pillow…

Anyway, onto the photos!

Here is my process…

1: The t-shirt / 2: Have cut it into shape, both sides are the same size (or roughly the same.. hahah) / 3: You can’t really see very well, but the pieces are placed face/front together, and pins are holding it together. / 4: The stitched pillow, without stuffing.

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And the pillow in action!

I love it. I think it’s cute, and will be a great addition to my University room!

Have you done anything crafty recently? Have you tried this before? I’d be interested in seeing other creations!

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