Slimming down the filofax!

I have taken all of the random bits out of my filofax and have just left the important bits. I realised that it was getting chunky, and I wasn’t actually using a lot of it! Now it feels a lot lighter, and is ready for my next week! Starting Monday, I have a weeks placement at my local newspaper. I feel like my filofax will definitely come in handy for remembering things and jotting things down!

Much thinner! Using only two dividers, instead of around 5, makes a massive difference!

So first I have a list sticky note, and a clear plastic wallet. Here I can quickly write lists, and keep loose papers.

With my work placement in mind, I have put the notes section at the front. This gives quicker access when I need it!

I do still have my books to-read list! I still haven’t finished all the Sherlock books yet though…

Next up is my diary. It’s actually a lot better having the diary near the back, so I think I’ll keep it like this!

And finally at the back I have another two wallets holding stickers and sticky notes. (I have added some washi tape papers to this!)

Oh and here’s Charlie. Found her lazing around when I went outside to take photos!

  • I have three Tuxedo kitties and all three seem to love napping. I really love your cat stickers and cat sticky notes; and your Filo is so neat. I’m jealous!

    • Aha, I hadn’t realised that I had so much cat in this post!

  • I LOVE planners, and I am obsessed with color coding and decorating the different pages. But I am super jealous of your filo! That’s really awesome!

  • Good luck with the placement!

  • I love the Chococat divider!! Ahh Sanrio. I need to deck my agenda out with more cuteness!