SmartPop Books: A short review

This post is long overdue, but I completely forgotten that I’d taken the photos. Bad, I know! A few weeks ago now, I was lucky enough to win the lovely Lynsey’s giveaway on Youtube, and managed to get 6 SmartPop books! (Find them here!) Described as smart, fresh and engaging, these nonfiction books cover a range of different TV series, books and films. There’s a big focus on science fiction and fantasy, but there’s also a huge range! I was amazed at just how many titles I wanted to buy, despite not knowing these books existed!

The titles I won were Getting LOST, The Psychology of Dexter, The Psychology of Harry Potter, The Girl Who Was on Fire, Neptune Noir and Terrorism and Politics in 24. I’ve started reading the LOST one, because it’s the most recent series I completed and I’m loving it so far.




SmartPop books are pretty much a selection of essays put together about the topic in question… Now essays may make you think of school, but I promise you these aren’t just boring essays! It really depends on how much you get into a book/tv series/film but if, like me, you love to read about the history or back story or random theories, you will love these books! I always find it interesting to see how other people interpreted the stories.

Admittedly, I haven’t watched Veronica Mars or 24, but both series sound like something I could definitely get into, and those are on the list for summer watching! I’m really looking forward to delving more into these books. It will be particularly interesting to read about Dexter I think – I loved that series, but actually haven’t searched much on it, and you know, serial killers are definitely a little interesting. Morbid, but the stuff that surrounds them is interesting to me at least! A good prize to be won – who doesn’t love receiving books in the post?!

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