Squash’d: Tropical Noodle Salad Recipe

Lunchtimes are difficult. When faced with the decision of what to eat, I’ll often pick something really unhealthy and quick, or just make a sandwich. Whilst sandwiches aren’t terribly unhealthy, they get repetitive and they’re still not great for you. I mean, the nutrition in a cheese and cucumber sandwich just isn’t there, is it?

lifeofkitty tropical noodle salad

Apparently I’m not alone in this, and many people will go for the easy supermarket sandwich option… When I was approached about James Ramsden’s lunchtime recipes, I was immediately drawn in. Author of Love Your Lunchbox (a book I’m definitely wanting on my shelf now!), James has worked with nutritionist Jenny Edelstein and SQUASH’D to bring us some really interesting recipes. The recipe which I’ve tried below is the Tropical Noodle Salad with Chicken.

Now don’t worry guys, I am still vegetarian! In fact, when I mentioned this, I was given the go ahead to use quorn chicken as a replacement, and the lovely people I was talking to spoke to the nutritionist and had the updated nutritional details sent over. I was really impressed at how adaptable it was, and it definitely made me look forward to trying out the recipe even more!

The ingredients were pretty easy to source – I only had trouble with the rice vinegar, but it was located in a different supermarket! When reading through the recipe it seemed a little fiddly, though that could just be me, having only ever done very simple recipes… This recipe calls for a lot of different flavours, so that was new to me. (How boring do I sound?) Once cooking though, it was really easy, and I was impressed with how quickly it all came together.

I was a little scared to try it, to be honest. I’ve never had fruit in a noodle dish, and this one had mango and passion fruit in there! Thankfully, they are both fruits that I love, and I needn’t have worried! I felt a little like the judges on masterchef as I was tasting. I could taste each flavour coming together, and honestly it was just like a eureka moment. Who knew so many different flavours would come together to make one eh? I’m making myself sound like my food is boring, but I just tend to stick to paprika, cumin and garlic. Okay, yep, I am boring. Anyway, this was definitely a tropical noodle salad, and it tasted great. It was sweet, and probably not something I would want to eat every week, but for me it makes a change compared to what I usually eat.

I think this would be the perfect lunch to use as meal prep, and make quite a few portions at once. It would definitely make lunches more interesting! I set some aside in the fridge, and it still tasted the same a day later – perfect.

“This meal is full of everything you need to ensure your body is ready for a workout” says Jenny. “Noodles will up glycogen stores in the muscles, which will be used during the workout. Mango is one of the most iron-rich fruits, so it supports the flow of oxygen to the muscles, and contains lots of B vitamins for energy. It’s also important to stay hydrated as dehydration may cause muscle cramping and fatigue.”

lifeofkitty tropical noodle salad recipe

I’ve tried the Summer Fruits and Tropical flavours of Robinsons SQUASH’D, and whilst both are delicious, the Tropical definitely tops it for me! So fruity, and so, so good. If anything, you at least need to try these out!

Let me know if you try the recipe!

  • My first three reactions to reading this post:

    1.) Mmm I need to try noodles more.
    2.) Yeah, I also go for something quick. Sandwiches are so easy.

    Sorry but… cheese and cucumber. That’s insane! IN. SANE. I can barely handle cucumber in with my tuna. And then there’s the whole fruit in savoury foods. I really wish I was more healthy, I really do. But I’m terrible. I actually hate eating sometimes. I am definitely going to get some wholemeal noodles and try and figure out some kind of non-Pot Noodle meal I can do with them. I have been lazy for far too long.

    And I have tried the tropical Squash’d and it’s so good, but not as good as the lemon and mango (not squash’d though).

    • admin

      Oh but I love cucumber! I could just eat a cucumber as it is hahah.
      You should try the noodles though. Yesterday I cooked them with a bit of sweet chilli sauce and stir fried some mushrooms, broccoli and cabbage into it and it still tasted great! They’re so easy to just make up a meal with.
      Lemon and mango sounds lovely, I may have to look out for the one!

  • The photo looks delicious, but I’m a bit put off by the passion fruit (I’ve tried it in the past and did not like it). However, I think paired with the chicken and noodles, it may balance the taste! Might give it a try, thanks for sharing! :)

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    • admin

      Oh I don’t think the passion fruit was that strong of a taste really! It was well mixed in :3 That said, I do love passion fruit so maybe it could really stand out if you’re not a fan!