Stationery: Blog Planning with Filofax

I have previously had a blog section in my Filofax, but I didn’t really utilise it at all. Back then, I wasn’t as organised with my blogging as I am now, and I didn’t really have actual plans for my blog. Quite recently I’ve decided that I need a blog schedule to stick to. Since starting it I’ve realised that I’m coming up with far more ideas for posts, and I think this is because I have a clear idea of what I want to write about. There may be times when the schedule isn’t completely stuck to, but it’s there as a base. Anyway, to get my blog section really working, I designed myself some new inserts. These fit in more with what I need to plan in my Filofax!

First up I have my schedule. Since taking these photos, I have decided to add another book review on Saturdays as I just read far too much; I would have such a big backlog of review posts! The photo isn’t brilliant (sorry!) but it basically shows Monday-Sunday and then the bottom section is ‘Monthly’.

On the left hand side you can see a notes page, and this is just the back of my schedule page. On the right hand side I have my books to review checklist. This one will be used for the books that I receive specifically to review. It just gives me somewhere to list them and to check that I am doing it! This page also has notes on the back.

Finally, I have my craft and blog ideas pages. Both of these are double sided, with the same thing on the back of each page. Here is were I will just write all of my ideas – it’s that simple. The writing on the left hand side actually says ‘stationery related’ and I’m thinking that I should have done another design for that one! Maybe I will.

I’ve only been using this for a week or two and already I can see that it has helped loads. As I said above, I’m getting far more post ideas; a schedule really is the best thing for my blog at the moment.

So that’s how I’m using my Filofax to organise my blog. Anyone have any other tips for me?

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