Stationery: Linky Box

A couple of months ago I pre-ordered this December Linky box and was surprised when it arrived mid-November! I only actually managed to open it on Monday though, as it was waiting for me at home! This box is Christmas themed, and like last time, contained many great things! Unfortunately, you can’t order any boxes any more!

Everything is just packaged so nicely, and looks too good to open! The attention to detail is beautiful. Of course, I just had to rip the paper!

So here I have some stickers, stamp cut outs and rub ons. I think these will be great to add to my wrapped presents! I’m looking forward to making things pretty!

Cute paper, a divider, some sticky notes and more Christmas cut outs!

I received my first Christmas card! This postcard is also a cute addition!

I got three pens: gold, silver and one that looks like a lipstick! I may use the gold one to write on Christmas presents… It’ll fit with my theme! And the Santa pencil… how amazing?! Oh, and a cute reindeer rubber! It’s almost too cute to use!

Many paper clips! I love paper clips. They’re handy, and these ones are cute!

How adorable is this polar bear washi tape though?! So cute. I love how bright the striped one is too. The I Wish is a stamp, which is pretty cool.

So yeah, another awesome box! I’ll get some good use out of all these items and I’m glad I thought ahead to pre-order it! A lovely early Christmas present!

  • Beka

    I can’t wait for mine to arrive! xD

  • Joanny

    OMG so much cute stuff. I
    can’t wait to order a Linky’s box in the future. :D

    • admin

      Unfortunately, I believe the shop is closing! Or at least, the boxes are stopping.

  • Jamie

    That Linky Box looks so cool! Will have to think about ordering one in the future :)

    • admin

      Same reply as below, but I believe the shop is closing! Or at least, the boxes are stopping.

  • I so desperately wanted to order a Linky Box after seeing a previous months one and was devastated to hear they weren’t doing them anymore. So much cool stuff in them!

    • admin

      Yeah, they were so popular!

  • Sarah Inks

    I really want one of these *adds to xmas wishlist*