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    Paris in Instagram!

    Paris in Instagram

    1-First meal, chicken & potato baguette from a trailer next to the hotel. 2-Breakfast! 3-View from Eiffel Tower
    4-Eiffel Tower 5-The RER going towards Versaille Palace 6-The Starbucks guy’s attempt at spelling Katie.
    7-Mona Lisa! 8-The padlock I left! 9-Christmas Markets!

    Europe, Travel

    Paris in photos!

    Here are some (and by some I mean a lot!) photos from Paris! Very photo heavy so I’m going to put it under a read more after Thursday’s section :3

    On Thursday we headed out to Paris Photo. It was huge! Some amazing photographs were on show, and it is definitely worth a visit for any photographer. Not much in the way of Nature/Wildlife, but it was still great!

    We then headed out to find the Eiffel tower (it’s not hard to miss really!).

    Views from the second floor!

    We got down from the tower, and I said ‘I wonder when the lights come on the tower, it’s getting dark now’. Two minutes later it lit up! How’s that for timing?!

    On Friday we journeyed onto the metro and the RER. Just look at the first photo under the ‘read more’! The RER was beautiful! We visited the Palace of Versaille today!
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