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    Visiting London: The Natural History Museum

    imageThe past weekend was spent wondering around a small area of London, seeing a ton of brilliant photographers/film makers and just generally looking around. I travelled down on the Friday night/Saturday morning (It was 00:30am!) and arrived at London Victoria at 07:10am. Despite having a rough sleep on a packed coach, I was wide awake and excited to be heading off to Wild Photos! I got on the underground to Gloucester Road, and then made my way up to The Royal Geographic Society. I did drop off a big bag at my hostel on the way, which I was super happy at. I didn’t want to be carrying the bag all day so I’m glad they let me leave the bag before I’d checked in!

    Anyway, Wild Photos was fantastic. So many great photographers, and you were just walking around with them all day in the building. The talks were really interesting, and helpful! I did two workshops: Macro and Technical Mastery. Both gave valuable information, and it was great to see the photographers’ own work and have them tell us how they did it. (Alex Hyde and Charlie Hamilton James – amazing!)

    On the Saturday night I nipped into the Natural History Museum for the last hour before it closed. I love it in there. I only really looked at the animal sections, as I didn’t have much time! On Sunday I just took a few photos around the area before retiring to the hostel and packing/relaxing!

    So, here’s some photos from the weekend! (Sadly none from Wild Photos though…)

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    Harry Potter Studio Tours… aka, the best ‘attraction’ ever.

    I visited London with my boyfriend from 20th July – 22nd July this year, with one plan in mind… Visit the Harry Potter Studio Tour! We stayed in Watford, about 10 minutes away from Watford Junction, thus we could easily get onto the Potter bus (which takes you to the studios!). Thus bus had a little talking intro as it was driving, which was pretty cool. It really got us excited aha!

    I’ll put these under a read more as I have quite a few photos. Also, do not read if you don’t want to be spoiled!
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