Taking Stock #2 – 101 in 1001

Okay so wow, I’ve been terrible with this. Not completing things – that has been okay – but the last time I updated you was back in December! Actually, I still haven’t completed much on there. Time to get moving I think! Here’s what I have done so far in my 101 in 1001 challenge…

Taking Stock #2 - 101 in 1001

#49 Try 10 new-to-me restaurants 3/10

This one is number 3 on the restaurant list. I have been to a few new pubs, but I’m not gonna include those. Anyway, back in April I managed to try The Handmade Burger Co and I was not disappointed! So many veggie options!I had the Veg-Mex which was vegan and consisted of falafel, salsa, avocado, jalapeƱos and salad. Yep, it was heavenly. The sweet potato fries were A+ too.

Taking Stock #2 - 101 in 1001

#28 Attend A Blogging Event

Ooh exciting! I went to my first event and it was the brilliant #BlogAtTheBeach hosted by icelolly.com. I mean I was quiet and nervous but I enjoyed the day and the talks – maybe next time I’ll manage to speak to more people. I’m not really a people person to be honest ha!

Taking Stock #2 - 101 in 1001

#41 Work Within Media

In April I started working as a Web Content Assistant. So yep, that’s a big one ticked off the list! I’ve been enjoying it so far and learning a ton. The only downside is having to rely on trains. They’re a nightmare. The sooner I pass my driving test, the better.

Taking Stock #2 - 101 in 1001

#53 Host a Giveaway

So, technically not completed, but I have a stationery bundle giveaway live now, and you have just 3 more days to enter! My domain is officially 2 years old, so what better way to celebrate than to thank you guys for following my journey?!


There are just under 2 years left of the 101 in 1001 time period that I set myself so, whilst I haven’t done much yet, I still have plenty of time to tick off more things. I just need to look at the list regularly because I think this is probably only the second or third time I’ve checked this year…

Are you doing a 101 in 1001 challenge? Or similar?


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  • I am totally the same as you! I set myself this challenge which I’m pretty sure expires a year from now, but I never remember to check it! I might do so now – hopefully I’ll have completed some by accident!

    Megan / lazythoughts.co.uk

    • Yeah, it can be hard to remember to check it regularly! Need to make a note haha. x

  • I really like cacao powder! I add it to my morning iced coffee (recommend starbucks via instant sachets!) – so it’s basically a mocha, but the healthified version :P I also add chia seeds to yoghurt and cereal xxzx

    • Aw man, if I liked coffee I’d totally do that! x