Thinking About: Keeping on Track

I haven’t done one of these for a while now have I?! I haven’t really had anything of substance on mind to be honest nor have I had time to just sit down and think. Which brings me to the topic of this post – keeping on track. How do people do it?! I feel like I should add that this is just my thoughts on keeping on track and how I’m doing – don’t expect a solution haha!

Thinking About Keeping On Track |

In Life

Sometimes I just feel like I have no time to do anything. In reality, that’s not true – I just waste a lot of the spare time that I do have. But with two jobs I’m occasionally doing a 6 day week, and the odd hours mess my sleeping pattern up. Sometimes I’ll be working an open shift, and then a close the day after meaning I’ve got a huge chunk of daytime to do stuff. I manage to do most things that I want to, but more often than not I’ll just have no motivation and waste the whole morning. My social life has gotten better though, so there’s that.

In Blogging

Why is this here? I don’t know whether you’ve noticed, but I’ve actually managed to blog really consistently this year. It’s the one thing that I have managed to hold up. See when I get busy, it’s all the added extras with blogging that I fail at. Scheduling tweets, interacting in the twitter chats, reading and commenting on other blogs. Basically all the admin side. I managed to get a month behind on blog reading, caught up and now I’m two weeks behind again. I’m sorry guys! I do actually read a lot of posts through twitter now, and then catch up with whatever I’ve missed when I get the chance. Blogging is like having another job – I need to actually schedule set times to sort out my tweets and all that side.

In Fitness

If you saw my ‘I Quit‘ post, then you’ll know that I really struggled keeping up a set workout routine over the past couple of months. It just wasn’t working for me. Fitness is another thing to go when I get busy. I could be wrong, but I feel like this will change when I can drive – I won’t have to work alongside bus timetables or whether I can be bothered to do the half hour walk… But yeah, this is something I am working on now. I just need to find a good routine that I know I’ll enjoy (something with lifting!) and then I’ll be golden. Any ideas?


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  • I was literally thinking about writing a post so similar to this. It is so easy to just get home from work and sit on the sofa rather than cracking on with working out, blogging and housework. I’ve tried to get into a better routine lately, but it is difficult. Sometimes sitting on the sofa is all I want to do haha! :) xxx

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

    • Yeah definitely! That’s the big problem haha x

  • It sounds to me like you’re doing super well with keeping on track :) When heavy fitness regimes don’t work it is usually because they are not interesting enough. Have you thought about joining a sports team or buying a bike to go on rides? Making it a fun activity can really help :) I also wear Fitbit which pushes me to get at least 10k steps in a day – gradual fitness is the best!

    Alice | Whiskey Jars Blog

    • Thanks! Yeah I was just missing lifting! I’ve been out on my bike a lot recently and have an activity watch but after having it a couple of years it’s losing the fun haha. x