Time for improvement…

Well, I have decided on a few resolutions this year, with (some!) specific goals relating to each one! This is the double sided insert that I will be placing in my Filofax! Have added the colour titles as blue is my colour for personal, purple for fitness and green for university in my diary. I think this is it now. Though if I think of anything else, I may re-design it and change it…

  • Rachael (@hookstitch)

    I know what you mean about unplugging more – I need to work on that myself!

    All the best for the new year!

    • Yep! Writing it, I felt like the amount I’d said was so little, but it is just so easy to lose track of time when on the internet!

      Thanks, you too!

  • I applaud your goal of unplugging for 3 hours or more… So tough! I find it easier to leave the phone than the computer… I’m going to attempt to lose it for a whole day, or even the whole weekend… :) And interacting through blogging etc is one of my goals as well.
    Happy 2014!