University: Christmas Exhibition

Last week was the opening of my course’s first exhibition of year three, and also our first deadline for the On Location module. We had to organise the exhibition ourselves (though we did have a little help from our lecturer!) and I think we did pretty well. Everything worked out and people actually turned up!

Now I’m posting this because I need help for my next assignment for this module. I have to write a critical appraisal, talking about what I did and all that. I need to talk about this and include comments from my peers and the people who saw my work. I’m just asking if you’ll please have a look at the photos below and leave me a little comment about the whole look, what you like/dislike about the photos or what you thought about my magazine. (You can access my magazine article here!) Anything I receive I can use in my essay to either back up my points, show that what I wanted was well received or to show that it all went horribly wrong!

These photos show my work in good detail, but my little shelf wasn’t covered. You can see that in the photos below these! (let’s pretend that I don’t look extremely awkward in the photo ;) hahah!)

I’d really appreciate any input you can give me! (If there’s anything you don’t like, that would be especially helpful to know!)
Thanks in advance!

  • Sarah Inks

    Wow these look amazing, you must be very proud – congrats! I love your magazine and photos and I like how the magazine goes into scientific details of deadwood and the decaying process aswell as how it affects the organisms in the environment without heaving a load of information onto the readers and not being too technical. The photos look excellent and definitely caught my attention!

    Sorry for the essay, I could have gone on all day haha :) & I’ve done critical analysis in my previous degree so if you need any help feel free to ask by emailing me – I do remember using this website (!casp-tools-checklists/c18f8) to look at the different things and questions to consider when doing the critical appraisal so hope it helps – there are checklists for different types of studies and the qualitative appraisal!

    • admin

      Oh thank you! I’m sure that link will come in handy when I come to writing this! Really appreciate the comments (: