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Graduation – UOC Class of 2015!

UOC Graduation 2015

I am officially a Graduate! I finished my degree way back in May, but Wednesday 25th November brought my long-awaited Graduation and I had such a lovely day despite the freezing cold temperatures! I can’t complain because it didn’t rain once, and that was the one thing I was dreading. (Besides falling over when walking across stage of course…)

An 8am wake up call started our day, and we quickly got ready in the hotel room before heading across the road for a Wetherspoons breakfast. They label their veggie sausages as Quorn sausages, but they’re definitely different to the Quorn sausages I’ve seen/bought, and taste 10x better. Anyway, after that tasty breakfast we headed down to get me robed up and ready to Graduate!

It felt so strange wearing a robe and hat, but at least everyone else looked the same! Next on the list was photos, and once that was done I could finally relax and wait around with friends for our ceremony to kick off. It was so nice to be back together with people, and it felt like no time had passed since we all left 6 months ago! The ceremony itself was more interesting than I was expecting, but I did get distracted a few times and forgot to listen… Walking across the stage and doing the handshake was a complete blur. As I sat down again I was like, what did I do? Did I shake his hand or did I stand there like an idiot?! Apparently I did shake his hand – whether I looked like an idiot or not will be determined in the next week or so when I see the photo that was taken at that point!

After the ceremony we took lots of photos, had a little chat and then it was time to head home. It really was such a good day, and being cold and numb for 5 hours or so was definitely worth it.

UOC Graduation 2015

UOC Graduation 2015

Oh hey look, it’s Dave Myers! He was awarded with an Honourary Fellowship with the university, and his speech was hilarious. As he said – when you’re sliding down the banisters of life, you’re bound to get a few splinters in your bum.

UOC Graduation 2015

So that’s it, my 3 years of university have officially finished. Done. Anyone else graduated this year? I can’t be the only one with a sense of loss now…

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  • Congratulations on your official graduation from university!

    • admin

      Thank you (:

  • Ahh, congratulations, Katie! You must be feeling so happy right now! I remember graduating from university being a bit of a blur – happy that you’ve achieved it after all of your hard work but also a little ‘Eh, what now?!’ that it’s over! Good luck with the next scary and exciting phase!


    • admin

      Thanks! (: I’m still finding my way out haha!