Using The Bullet Journal Method With Filofax

Over the past few weeks, I haven’t really been using my Filofax for much. I just never made the time and didn’t have anything to add in besides my work hours. Then I watched Elelibee’s Bullet Journal Walk Through and it was like a switch had been flicked on in my brain.

Using The Bullet Journal Method With Filofax |

So basically, I’m taking all the things I like from the bullet journal and putting them into one page (or two, I guess) in my Filofax. My weekly pages weren’t getting filled, and I just couldn’t track everything I wanted. I also realised that I needed weekly to-dos more than daily as I was forever trying to fit things in and then not having the time. My weeks looked very much like they do in the photos in the second Bullet Journal post linked above. Note the tracker page? I wanted to use a tracker, but I was forever forgetting about it. Now I’ve got my weekly schedule, to-dos, tracker and space for random notes all easy to see at a glance.

Using The Bullet Journal Method With Filofax |

Below you can see how I filled in last week. My weekly to-dos are very much following the bullet journal style. Coloured in when done, half coloured when started and I’ve actually migrated one too. The ! on the first task is because it’s important. Pretty self explanatory really. Then I have my schedule and all my work times in green, sticking to my colour code. Appointments still in pink, fitness in purple and any personal stuff in blue. It’s just a small section to write in my work hours mainly, but it’s all I need.

On the right I’ve drawn a small tracker in, with the main things I want to keep track of at the moment. Not very much, but there’s still room to add more. I didn’t do too well last week did I? The notes section is for anything I need to remember – like my bank changing – or for things I’ve done, events that have happened. Oh and my notes about how to set up my new diary pages!

Using The Bullet Journal Method With Filofax |

Using The Bullet Journal Method With Filofax |

I’m only in my second week of using this kind of layout but I feel like it’s given my Filofax a whole new lease of life. It feels more natural to have my week like this, without really set guidelines on which day I’m on and what needs to be done today. With me sometimes only having one day off a week, the weekly to-dos are definitely working better. And I’m remembering to fill in my tracker – yes I really did just get that lazy towards the end of the week.

This is working for me. I’ve got all the freedom of the bullet journal style, but still with all the freedom that the Filofax brings. I like the option to move pages around, and with a notebook you can’t do that. What about you?


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  • This is a really good idea! And I love all the stickers you use :) I agree that it’s easier when you can easily move pages around because, as with regular bullet journals, if you make a mistake or want to change something you don’t really have a lot of options! I think I’ll try this layout for a week and see how it works for me too.
    Georgie xo

    • Thank you! Yeah, the ability to move pages around is why I’ll probably never want to leave a ringbound planner!