My Week #36

My Week – September 1st- September 7th.

This week I:
Had afternoon tea on a barge (and steered it!); got Sims 4; watched my local rugby team win; left work; had cuddles with Charlie; photographer butterflies!

Today I started a Smash book that I’ll be using for my last year at university. I recorded the page I did so keep an eye out for that this week!

Have you done anything interesting?

  • Lauren Vipond

    What’s the Sims 4 like? Can’t get it until I get a better laptop, but I don’t know whether to get the Sims 4 or just expand on Sims 3! :)


    • admin

      Hmm, so far it’s a little strange. The create a sim is amazing, and I love the emotions that have been introduced. It does kind of feel really simple though – like really basic (I guess maybe expected with the base game and no expansions?) and the play seems pretty restricted at the moment. Maybe that’s because I’m having to do all the basic needs though, like toilet and sleep. In Sims 3 I used the cheat where I could pull the needs up xD