What Happened in 2015?

Last week I read Lauren’s 8 Things I Achieved in 2015 post, and it really got me thinking. I set myself goals every year but I never really sit to think about what I’ve achieved and feel proud of, rather than just completed. I’ve got a few things that I’m proud of this year, and these are things that I’ll look back at and remember in the next year when I’m struggling or feeling like nothing is working out.

What Happened in 2015? // life of kitty

In February I took that final step to eating a vegetarian diet, and I haven’t looked back. I’ve been honest throughout the year about minor slip ups – like forgetting about sweets or gravy and that sort of thing – but I haven’t eaten a piece of meat since the 16th February. I’ve never been the most open to trying new things (and wasn’t really a fan of veg), so it’s huge that I’m now regularly eating vegetable filled meals, and even craving broccoli at times! I’m more adventurous with my eating habits now, that’s for sure.

Also early in 2015, I took part in #The100DayProject and managed to complete 100 Days of Yoga. This was definitely a challenge, but it gave me a way to take a few minutes to myself and focus on my body, movement and breathing. I really liked that. Unfortunately, yoga didn’t really stick with me throughout the year, but I’m hoping to take it into 2016 and really get focused.

In May I took on my second ever 10k race, and it was the Great Manchester Run. Oh what a day! I’ve always loved watching this race on the TV, so to be there and soaking up the atmosphere was amazing in itself. I ran my fastest ever 10k, with an 8 minute PR from the first one I did way back in 2012 I think it was? It was a really tough run, and I ached for days afterwards, but it was so worth it. I’m tempted to sign myself up again this year… Just need to get back to running!

This is one that has been mentioned a lot over the past month… I finally had my university graduation! I finished with a 2:1, something I’m incredibly proud of. It was a really tough final year, and I didn’t think I’d get the grades, but I did and I was so relieved.

A blog related achievement here – I finally hit 200 followers on Bloglovin’, and on my instagram @katehlouise. They have been slowly rising since Summer, but this past month has been a brilliant one and they’ve just shot up. Here’s hoping that they stay like that because this little paragraph will be irrelevant otherwise.

One of the most exciting things that I did this year was to pluck up the courage to send off a story submission, and I’m so excited because in a couple of months that story will be published in a book. Not my own book of course, but I’ll be part of a big project, my name will be in print and that’s super exciting! I’ll be sharing that in full detail when I can, of course.

And really, the most important thing is that I have ended this year in a much better mind set than I did last year. Last winter was a difficult time for me, and I didn’t start 2015 in a very good place. Over the past 12 months so much has changed and I feel like I’ve gained so much more confidence in myself. Little choices make the difference. Like a change in my diet, and focusing more on good food, joining a gym and exercising regularly, putting more effort into blog content and photography… I’m rebuilding myself, and I’m just gonna keep on moving forward. Bring it on, 2016.

What Happened in 2015? // life of kitty

On another note… I’m making some changes to Life of Kitty. Nothing drastic, but a small change in design and my content may get reworked a little too. For the first time ever, I’ve created a reader survey! I’d love to hear your thoughts, and all answers will be anonymous. I’d really appreciate all feedback – whether that’s good or bad – as it all just helps me to see where I should be going and what I’m doing right/wrong. I blog because I love it, and I just want my readers to enjoy being in this space too!

  • Sounds like you’ve had quite the year! Congratulations on all your achievements.

    • admin

      Thank you (:

  • Sam

    Congratulations on all your achievements this year – that’s
    so exciting that you’re going to have your story published in a book!

    Also glad to hear I’m not the only one who sometimes craves broccoli
    haha. I do too (all the time) and everyone I know thinks it’s a bit weird!

    Hope you have a very happy New Year :) I’ve just filled out
    your survey too!

    • admin

      Thank you! Haha, glad to hear it! Rice, beans and broccoli is like comfort food to me now. (as well as a chocolate bar on the side…)

      Hope you have a good ‘un too, and much appreciated! (: x

  • Corinne C

    Woah, we have lot in common! I went veggie last Jan, I did a 30 day yoga challenge at the start of the year and ran a couple of 10ks (and a half)! Sounds like you’ve had a great year.

    Corinne x

    • admin

      Oh no way! That’s strange haha. I’m gonna guess it was the yogawithadriene challenge? I did that one too, and I’m gonna do this coming month’s challenge to get me back into it!
      Thank you! Hope you have a happy new year! (: x

  • Richel V.

    Congratulations with all your achievements for 2015! Your year looks so healthy! The most I did with regards to health/fitness was run my first ever 5K. It was fun. I’m planning to do it again this year. Happy 2016!!

    Love, Richel. | Richel Goes Places

    • Thank you! Ooh the first is always a little scary I think. Happy 2016 to you to! (: