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Having just finished university, I am now back at home! I was nice enough to give my brother my room when I went to university, as he had been stuck in the box room for the first 16 years of his life… Well, now I am back, he’s still in that room and I’ve been relegated to the box room! I don’t know how he coped! Thankfully, by the end of July, I will be in the downstairs bedroom with an en-suite! (I can’t wait!)

Anyway, since I’m in the tiny room, I’ve had to make the best of what room I have… This is my current desk area and the things that I usually have around me!

I still haven’t got an aerial for this, so I have it hooked up to my laptop to watch films/tv shows etc from there!
Of course!
I always carry this water bottle with me, I should probably get a new one… But yeah, water to try to ward off the unhealthy drinks. Unfortunately, a Dr Pepper seems to have appeared.
I have lots of pens! This organiser is actually very empty because I still haven’t sorted through everything since getting back from uni!
On my desk for easy access!
Stationery drawer
I decided that I needed the top drawer to be filled with important stuff, and yes that includes stationery stuff! (The one below is toiletries!)

What you can’t see is that my bed is directly behind the desk… less than a metre in space there! I have my TV propped up by big wildlife/nature books because the drawers holding all my tops is just a little too short! It’s working for now – I just can’t wait to get a bigger room again! (My sister is moving out!)

  • I used to have a bedroom like this too! Thinking back, I don’t know how I survived in there for so long! Haha a bedroom with an en-suite sounds like heaven though! :]

    • Oh I know! It’s an extension bedroom that my parents got for themselves, but now my sister’s moving out they’re going into the biggest room!

  • Josh Rhyne

    I love this! Sweet setup you got there! How long have you been blogging for?

    • I’ve been blogging for a while, but only ‘properly’ from the start of this year!

      • Josh Rhyne

        Well keep it up! Have you ever thought about blogging full time?

        • Well I’m currently studying at university so I can’t really do it full time!

  • Hello, thank you for the info and inspiration.