2 signs of the zodiac will go through difficult times at the end of June 2023: how to best get through this period?

Each month, we are all influenced by the movements and positions of the stars in our sky. At the end of June 2023, certain astrological signs will be more affected than others by these cosmic influences. In this article, we reveal the two zodiac signs who will live through difficult times during this period.

Planetary energies in play at the end of June 2023

To fully understand what awaits our two concerned signs, it is essential to have an overview of the planetary energies in action at the end of June 2023. Here are some key elements:

2 zodiac signs will go through difficult times at the end of June 2023
2 zodiac signs will go through difficult times at the end of June 2023
  • Mercury retrograde : This period can lead to communication problems, misunderstandings and delays. Signs ruled by Mercury, such as Gemini and Virgo, will be particularly susceptible to these effects.
  • New Moon in Cancer : The perfect time to focus on your emotions and work on your inner life. However, it can also heighten sensitivity and lead to emotional conflict for certain signs.
  • retrograde saturn : This demotion pushes us to review our structures, our limits and our responsibilities. Some signs might face challenges and obstacles that they will have to overcome.

The two signs most affected by the energies of late June 2023

With these planetary influences in mind, here are the two zodiac signs that will face tough times during this time:

Gemini: Communication and expression difficulties

The sign of Gemini will be particularly affected by the effects of Mercury retrograde at the end of June 2023. Indeed, as this sign is ruled by this planet, its natural ability to communicate and express itself can be greatly disturbed during this period. Gemini could therefore encounter problems in their relationships with others, whether at work, with family or friends.

They will need to work on their patience and be ready to review their way of thinking and expressing themselves to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and conflicts. Likewise, they will have to be vigilant in their movements and their administrative procedures, because delays and errors are frequent during the retrograde of Mercury.

sign of gemini
sign of gemini

Capricorns: Questioning and Responsibilities

During the end of June 2023, Capricorn will be influenced by retrograde Saturn, which will push it to reconsider its structures, its limits and its responsibilities. This sign, generally very organized and disciplined, could feel destabilized and confronted with obstacles that he had not foreseen.

Capricorns will need to show perseverance and flexibility to overcome these challenges, while remaining aware of their inner abilities and resources. They must also be ready to question certain aspects of their lives and to make important decisions concerning their professional or personal future.

How can we get through this difficult period better?

For Gemini and Capricorns, here are some tips to better cope with these difficult times at the end of June 2023:

  • Accept change : The planetary energies push us to evolve and grow, even if it can be uncomfortable. Accept that some things need to change and be prepared to adapt to the situation.
  • Work on your communication : Whether you are Gemini or Capricorn, it will be important to listen well to others and to express your thoughts and emotions clearly to avoid misunderstandings and tensions.
  • Stay patient and persistent : Obstacles and difficulties are part of life, but they are often temporary. Remain confident in your abilities and do not give up when faced with the challenges that come your way.
  • Take care of yourself : In times of stress and uncertainty, it is essential to recharge oneself physically and emotionally. Give yourself time to relax, meditate or do something that makes you feel good.

The end of June 2023 promises to be a difficult period for Gemini and Capricorn, who will have to face cosmic influences and manage significant challenges. However, by remaining aware of these energies and following our advice, they will be able to successfully navigate this period and learn valuable lessons for their personal evolution.

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