5 surprising and little-known ways to use potato cooking water

Potato cooking water is often thrown away without even thinking about it. However, this water can be very useful in various situations. Here is 5 amazing and eco-friendly ways to use potato cooking water.

1. Feed the plants in the garden

The nutrients present in potatoes are partly found in the cooking water. It would therefore be a shame not to take advantage of this to feed your plants! Collect the cooled cooking water and use it to water your flowers, vegetables and other plants. This method not only saves water, but also provides your plantations with essential nutrients for their growth.

5 surprising and little-known ways to use potato cooking water
5 surprising and little-known ways to use potato cooking water

Beware of excess

However, be careful not to overwater your plants with this water, as it may contain some salt added during cooking. In addition, it is best not to use this trick on fragile or salt-sensitive plants, such as certain flowers or young shoots.

2. Clean the stains on the tiles

Potato cooking water has degreasing properties that can be used to effectively clean stains on tiles. Simply rub the stains with a cloth soaked in lukewarm cooking water, then rinse with clean water. You can also add a few drops of white vinegar to boost the effectiveness of this natural cleanser.

Test before using

Always for the sake of precaution, it is recommended to test this method on a small inconspicuous area before applying it to the whole of the tiling. This will ensure that the cooking water does not cause discoloration or other damage to your floor.

how to recycle potato cooking water
how to recycle potato cooking water?

3. Bring shine to silverware

If you have silver cutlery that has become tarnished by time and use, the potato cooking water can help restore its shine. Simply soak silverware in lukewarm cooking water for about an hour, then rub it with a soft cloth to remove the blackened film. Finally, rinse thoroughly with clean water and wipe with another clean, dry cloth.

Why does it work?

The starch released by potatoes during cooking has the ability to absorb the sulphides responsible for tarnishing silver. The cooking water therefore acts as a natural cleaning and deoxidizing agent, making it possible to restore shine and luster to your silver objects.

4. Prepare broth for soups and sauces

Rather than using tap water or stock cubes that are often high in salt, you can use the cooking water from the potatoes to make your own soups and sauces. The already hot, nutrient-rich water will add extra flavor to your cooking.

Varied recipes

Use this water as a base to prepare a vegetable soup, a homemade tomato sauce or even a broth to cook pasta or rice. Feel free to experiment with different recipes and adjust the amounts of water to suit your tastes and desired consistency.

Tips for recycling potato cooking water
Tips for recycling potato cooking water

5. Relieve skin irritations

Finally, did you know that the cooking water from potatoes can also be used to relieve certain skin conditions? Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and softening properties, it can soothe irritation, itching and redness caused by insect bites, sunburn or rashes.

How to proceed ?

Simply apply a cotton ball soaked in cooled cooking water to the affected area and leave for a few minutes. You can repeat the operation several times a day if necessary, until the symptoms subside.

In summary, potato cooking water has many practical and eco-friendly uses, whether for gardening, cleaning, cooking or skin care. So the next time you cook potatoes, consider saving that precious water!

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