Batch Cooking: the new trendy trick to save time and save money

Modern life is increasingly hectic, making it difficult to organize meals for the week. This is why the Batch Cooking has become a real trend for those looking to save time and money in their daily lives. Discover everything you need to know about this method which is attracting more and more followers.

What is Batch Cooking?

The term “Batch Cooking” comes from English and literally means “batch cooking”. This is a method that consists of preparing the meals for the week in one go, then storing them to enjoy them day by day. The idea is therefore to spend 2 or 3 hours in the kitchen on the weekend to cook all the dishes needed for lunches and dinners for the coming week.

Batch cooking
Batch cooking

The advantages of Batch Cooking

Save time during the week

One of the main advantages of Batch Cooking is undoubtedly the saving of time. Indeed, devoting a few hours of your weekend to preparing meals for the week means you do not have to cook every day, thus freeing up free time in the evening to relax, play sports or enjoy your family and friends. friends.

Realize savings

Preparing meals in advance also offers the opportunity to save money by avoiding impulse purchases and limiting food waste. Indeed, planning your recipes and drawing up a precise shopping list allows you to buy only what you need, neither more nor less, and thus control your budget.

tip of the batch cooking
tip of the batch cooking

Eat healthy and balanced

Batch Cooking also promotes a certain discipline in food: by preparing meals in advance, you are more tempted to follow a complete and well-balanced menu. Thus, it is easier to resist the temptations of fast food or prepared meals when you know that you already have a good meal waiting for you at home.

How to organize yourself to adopt Batch Cooking without stress?

Plan weekly menus

The first step in Batch Cooking is to determine the recipes you want to cook for the week. This planning phase can be facilitated by the use of a table or a mobile application specially designed for this purpose. The ideal is to choose varied recipes, simple and quick to make, and if possible with common ingredients in order to limit the number of purchases to be made.

Make a precise shopping list

Once the menus have been defined, a shopping list should be drawn up containing all the ingredients necessary for the realization of the chosen recipes. Remember to check the quantities and take into account what you already have in your cupboards to avoid overloading your fridge or freezer.

Cook ahead with the batch cooking
Cook ahead with the batch cooking

Organize the cooking session

To optimize the time devoted to Batch Cooking, it is important to have a good organization. Before you begin, make sure your counter is clear and clean, and gather all the necessary utensils and ingredients. Then start with the recipes that take the longest to cook (like meats or casseroles), then move on to other preparations.

A few tips for successful Batch Cooking

  • Use suitable containers: Prefer airtight glass or stainless steel boxes to store your preparations, this will keep the flavors intact and facilitate the distribution of portions.
  • Freezing certain preparations: To prevent your dishes from deteriorating over time, do not hesitate to freeze them, especially if you are cooking in large quantities. This way, you can thaw them as you need them throughout the week.
  • Vary the textures and flavors: So as not to get tired of your meals, remember to vary the pleasures by alternating between hot and cold, savory and sweet recipes, and by playing on the textures (crispy, melting, soft, etc.).

In short, Batch Cooking is a practical and economical method for managing your week as well as possible and eating healthy without spending hours in the kitchen. So, convinced? Do not hesitate to embark on the adventure of batch cooking, and discover the many possibilities offered by this culinary trend!

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