Colors and emotions: choose a butterfly and find out what it says about your personality

Butterflies evoke a multitude of symbols. The butterfly you feel most drawn to could say a lot about who you are. Photos, paintings, colored objects: everything around you is connected to your personality innate. They all mean something to you, consciously or not, but an inner force draws you to them.

We are all butterflies. The earth is our chrysalis.

Colors and emotions

Colors are also known to represent certain emotions, and your personality traits influence your attraction to certain shades. According to Steven Gans, assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical Schoolthey play a role in your emotions and feelings, and even influence your mood.

The symbolism of butterflies

Ideally, you are drawn to colors or objects that resonate with your personality. When it comes to butterflies, they can symbolize different things for you. Butterflies could represent life, change, a way of thinking, or even being soul-related.

The butterfly you feel most attracted to could reveal several things about you. Pick one above and we’ll tell you what it means.

butterfly personality test
butterfly personality test

1. Simplicity

If you chose this butterfly, it could mean that you favor a simple life. You take pleasure in the little things and always maintain a positive attitude. You avoid complicationswhether in your relationships, your daily routine, or even your mind.

2. Fearlessness

Those who choose this butterfly have a fearless personality. You have great willpower and courage, which helps you get through even the toughest situations in life. You know how to balance your flamboyant side with your warmth and friendliness.

3. Calm

If this butterfly caught your eye first, it could be a sign of your calm and collected nature. You have a relaxed approach to life and like to do things at your own pace, in your own way.

4. Generosity

This butterfly reveals that you are a generous person, with lots of love to share. You like to stay humble, and people appreciate the honesty and integrity you bring to every relationship.

5. Joy of life

If the butterfly that caught your attention is this one, it indicates a cheerful and cheerful personality. You don’t change to fit in. On the contrary, you stay true to yourself and appreciate others for their uniqueness.

6. Relaxation

Being attracted to this butterfly could reveal that you are a laid-back person with a kind heart and a caring soul. Not only are you sensitive to the feelings of others, but you also take the time to love and care for yourself.

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