Difficult IQ test: will you be smart enough to find the answer in less than a minute?

The realm of puzzles is strewn with challenges that highlight our thinking and problem-solving skills. These enigmas, singular in their kind, constitute a training which can optimize our cognitive potential. Will you then be able to find the solution to this mathematical challenge?

The Brain Gym: An Adventure for All Ages

Puzzles are considered gymnasiums for the brain, suitable for all ages, since they mobilize both the right and left hemisphere of our brain. While the right hemisphere governs creativity, emotions and intuitive thought,left hemisphere orchestrates analytical, systematic and objective thinking. In recent years, the popularity of puzzles has skyrocketed as people have become aware of their potential benefits.

Puzzle solving is a gymnastic exercise for the brain, a fascinating adventure where each solved problem strengthens our cognitive potential.

IQ test of triangles
IQ test of triangles

Math challenge: will you find the missing number?

A mystery may seem simple and easy to solve if you understand the question well. In this context, you will have to analyze the situation and provide an answer!

These challenges are designed to test your wits and level of intelligence in novel ways. While solving these puzzles, you must fully concentrate on the question at hand.

Solution of the puzzle

If you are still looking for the solution to this riddle, don’t worry, we have the answer for you. Don’t come down just yet to find out the answer; take a moment to analyze the question. We hope you manage to solve this riddle, if not the answer is just below. It’s a great way to test your math skills and insight.

IQ test of triangles - solution
  • 24 + 12 + 14 = 50
  • 13 + 19 + 18 = 50
  • 9 + 20 + 21 = 50
  • The answer is 21.
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