Do you know these 5 plants that effectively repel house spiders?

Tired of spiders invading your home? Do not panic ! In this article, we will introduce you 5 natural plants who have the ability to repel these undesirables. You will be able to enjoy an interior without these annoying and sometimes frightening little beasts.

1. Lavender

There lavender is highly valued for its pleasant fragrance and relaxing properties. But did you know that it is also one of the repellent plants against spiders? Indeed, the smell of this plant is particularly disturbing for these insects, which then prefer to keep their distance. To take advantage of its benefits, plant a few feet of lavender near the entrances to your house, or place a few bouquets inside. Plus, lavender is also effective at repelling mosquitoes, making it a great plant for your garden.

5 plants that effectively repel spiders
5 plants that effectively repel spiders

2. Melaleuca alternifolia

Also known astea tree, melaleuca alternifolia is another spider repellent plant. This species native to Australia has leaves whose essential oil is used for its many medicinal properties, including antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. To ward off spiders, place a few drops of this essential oil on a cotton ball and place it in areas where you have spotted spiders. Remember to renew the application regularly to maintain its effectiveness.

3. Peppermint

There pepper mint is a plant with multiple benefits, both for health and for the garden. It has indeed antispasmodic, analgesic or even digestive properties, but it is also an excellent natural repellent against many insects, including spiders. The latter are bothered by its strong and pungent smell. So you can plant peppermint near entrances to your home, or use its essential oil as an indoor repellent. However, be careful not to overdo it, because the mint can become invasive if it is not controlled.

4. Horse Chestnut

THE Indian brown, also called water chestnut, is a fruit that has repellent properties for spiders. Indeed, the presence of saponin, a toxic glucoside present in horse chestnut, provokes a defense reaction in these animals which then seek to flee. To take advantage of its virtues, just place a few horse chestnuts in rooms where you have spotted spiders, or near windows and doors. This method is not only effective, but also economical and environmentally friendly.

5. Lemon

Little is known, but the lemon is also an ally of choice to keep spiders away from your home. The latter are bothered by the characteristic smell of citrus fruits and therefore avoid approaching them. To take advantage of its benefits, simply rub your door and window frames regularly with half a lemon, or use its essential oil as a repellent to spray on webs and spider passageways. As a bonus, this trick will also bring a touch of freshness and cleanliness to your interior!

Some additional tips

  • In addition to using these repellent plants, remember to regularly clean your house and eliminate cobwebs to limit their proliferation.
  • If despite all these precautions, spiders continue to invade you, do not hesitate to call on a professional to eradicate them permanently.
  • To protect your garden from spiders, also consider growing other repellent plants, such as basil, tomato or even wormwood.

By adopting these different plants and following these few tips, you should be able to keep spiders away from your home in a natural and effective way. So don’t hesitate any longer, trust nature to preserve your interior from undesirables!

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