Fitness and well-being: 5 effective exercises to do in the pool to burn maximum calories during the holidays

Are you looking for effective and fun exercises to burn calories and tone your body? Look no further, because we have prepared for you a ultimate guide 5 exercises to do in the water. Take advantage of the benefits of the pool to transform your training sessions into enjoyable moments while working on your endurance, strength and flexibility.

Aqua-jogging: running without impact on the joints

Aqua-jogging is a great alternative to traditional running, especially if you want to avoid impact on your joints. This exercise involves running through water with the help of a flotation belt to keep the body vertical.

How to practice aqua-jogging?

Start by putting on your flotation belt and entering the pool. Stand in a non-footed area and begin to mimic running motions. Be sure to keep your back straight and use your arms to help you move forward. Alternate between fast sprints and slower runs to vary the intensity of the exercise. The faster you move, the more calories you burn!

5 effective exercises to do in the pool to burn maximum calories
5 effective exercises to do in the pool to burn maximum calories

Aqua-biking: pedaling underwater for a complete workout

The water bike, also known as aqua-biking, allows you to perform a intense and complete training while enjoying the benefits of water. The constant movement of water provides natural resistance that strengthens muscles and challenges the cardiovascular system.

How to practice aqua-biking?

Get on a bike designed specifically for the pool and start pedaling. You can vary the intensity of the exercise by adjusting the resistance of the bike according to your needs. Do not hesitate to integrate intense sprint intervals followed by recovery periods to maximize energy expenditure.

Aqua-palming: swimming with fins to sculpt your figure

Fins are ideal for working the whole body and improving swimming technique. By using short fins, you will be able to increase your swimming speed and burn more calories during your training sessions.

How to practice aqua palming?

Choose short and flexible fins adapted to your size. Put them on and enter the pool. Be sure to maintain good posture and do not arch your back when swimming. Alternate between different swimming styles (front crawl, breaststroke, back crawl) to engage all muscle groups and vary the intensity of your workout.

Aqua-stretching: stretching in the water for better recovery

Stretching exercises performed in the swimming pool allow not only gain flexibility, but also to promote blood circulation and relax the muscles after intensive training. The buoyancy of the water makes it easier to perform movements and limits the risk of injury.

How to practice aqua-stretching?

Find a quiet place in the pool where you can hold onto a bar or the edge of the pool. Perform classic stretches (quadriceps, calves, back, arms) while enjoying the lightness provided by the water. You can also use props such as foam noodles to help you maintain certain positions.

Aqua-zumba: dancing underwater for fun while burning calories

Aqua-zumba is an aquatic version of the famous fitness dance that combines dance moves and aerobics. By performing these exercises in the water, you benefit from a natural resistance which strengthens your muscles and increases energy expenditure.

How to practice aqua zumba?

Join a group aqua-zumba class or follow a choreography to music at home. Do not hesitate to carry out large movements and to follow the rhythm to take full advantage of this playful and wasteful exercise.

In summary, the swimming pool offers a ideal playground to practice varied and effective exercises. From aqua-jogging to aqua-zumba, these activities not only burn calories, but also strengthen muscles, improve coordination and work on flexibility. So don’t wait any longer and immerse yourself in the aquatic world to achieve your fitness goals!

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