How to get rid of Asian hornets naturally?

Asian hornets are invasive insects that cause many problems for ecosystems and biodiversity. It is therefore essential to find effective solutions to combat their proliferation. In this article, we will present you different natural and ecological methods to repel these pests without harming the environment.

Natural bait traps

Several simple mixtures and recipes can be prepared using natural ingredients to attract and trap Asian hornets.

  1. Lemon juice : Mix the juice of a lemon with a little sugar water to create a liquid bait to pour into a trap.
  2. White vinegar : Dilute white vinegar with water in a proportion of 50% of each ingredient to obtain a solution that attracts Asian hornets.
  3. Beer : Fill a container with beer to attract insects with its sweet, fermented smell.
  4. Fruit syrup: Prepare a mixture of fruit syrup (raspberry, blackcurrant, etc.) with water in a proportion of 70% syrup to 30% water.
How to Get Rid of Asian Hornets
How to get rid of Asian hornets?

Once the bait is prepared, simply pour it into a trap specially designed to capture Asian hornets. These traps usually consist of a plastic container with a funnel or small opening that allows insects to enter, but not exit.

Make a homemade trap

If you do not want to invest in a commercial trap, it is quite possible to make an effective homemade trap against Asian hornets. Here are some ideas:

  • Plastic bottle: Take a large, empty plastic bottle and cut off the top third of it. Turn this part over and insert it upside down into the base of the bottle, so as to create a funnel. Secure the two parts together with masking tape and drill holes in the sides to pass a rope through if you want to hang the trap. Half fill the trap with beer or fruit syrup.
  • Jam pot : Use an empty jam jar and drill a hole in its lid with a diameter slightly smaller than that of an Asian hornet. Fill the pot with your favorite natural bait.
Get rid of Asian hornets the natural way
Get rid of Asian hornets the natural way

Preventative Methods to Keep Asian Hornets Away

Along with traps and baits, there are some tricks that can help naturally repel Asian hornets before they take up residence in your yard or patio.

Use repellent plants

Some plants have the ability to repel insects, including Asian hornets. Here are a few :

  • Lavender : Not only does this plant give off a pleasant scent for humans, but it is also effective in repelling hornets and other insects.
  • Mint: Asian hornets don’t like the smell of mint, so plant some around your patio or outdoor lounging areas.
  • Basil : Basil is another aromatic plant whose smell can deter Asian hornets from taking up residence nearby.
Tips for getting rid of Asian hornets
Tips for getting rid of Asian hornets

Maintain your garden regularly

A well-maintained garden is less likely to host Asian hornets. See to :

  1. Trim your hedges regularly to avoid creating hiding places for hornet nests.
  2. Eliminate sources of standing water that can attract moisture-seeking insects.
  3. Regularly pick up fallen fruit, which can be a food source for Asian hornets.

By combining these different natural methods, you can effectively control Asian hornets and protect your garden and local biodiversity. Do not hesitate to adapt the solutions presented according to your needs and the environment in which you live.

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