IQ test: do you think you are smart enough to find the solution in less than 60 seconds?

The challenge that awaits you today is deceptively simple: find the missing number in a numerical and logical puzzle. Three squares, each bearing various numbers, challenge your mind. The goal? Discover the mathematical model that connects these numbers to find the missing number in the third square. A mission that only the most astute will be able to take up in time. Will you be one of those ?​

Intelligence is the agility to change. –Stephen Hawking

Observation is the best approach

If you want to overcome this challenge quickly, the key is in observation. Take a moment to scrutinize the number sequences arranged in each square. By doing this, you are likely to spot a logical pattern, a kind of red thread that will guide you to the missing number. It is this clever deduction that will make all the difference.

iq test: what is the missing number in the third square
What is the missing number in the third square

The beauty of digital puzzles

Number puzzles are a fantastic playground to sharpen your logical and mathematical skills. They stimulate the mind, sharpen the reflection and bring a certain satisfaction when one manages to solve them. In our puzzle, each square contains crucial clues which, if deciphered correctly, will lead you to the solution. Be vigilantbecause every detail counts.

A clue to help you find the solution

If the riddle still leaves you perplexed, we offer you a hint: each square is the scene of a multiplication and subtraction operation. Your task is to figure out how these operations relate to the numbers in each square.

The solution to our riddle is 17. But don’t stop there, try to find the reasoning behind this result. This is where the real challenge lies.

The explanation of the solution

Here is the key to the puzzle:

iq test - what is the missing number in the third square - solution

In the first square, we have the following operations: 3×4=12 and 17-5=12.

For the second square, the operations are: 7×2=14 and 25-11=14.

And finally, in the third square: 5×2=10 and 17-7=10.

This diagram reveals that the number to find was indeed 17. So, did you manage to solve this riddle without cheating ?​

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